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Summary: Hundreds of thousands of women pursue plastic surgery every year and the most popular region for refinement are their busts. Whether they are too big, too small or not where you want them, there is an option for you. Here are 3 options to consider if you’re distressed about your breasts.

There are a million and one things a woman can find to dislike about her bust. Too big, too small, too saggy — the possibilities are seemingly endless. For hundreds of thousands of women out there each year, the concern is enough that they choose to have plastic surgery as a solution. There are surgical options designed to address each worry you can think of, but which procedure is best? Here is a list of the most common breast concerns and the best recommended option for each.

Barely There Breasts

Sure, push-up bras will forever be an option for women who wish they had a little more cleavage. However, sometimes that’s not enough to help a woman feel confident and comfortable in her skin. In that case, a qualified surgeon would suggest breast augmentation surgery with breast implants to add volume.

This procedure routinely tops the list of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the U.S. and around the world. In fact, according to statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons®, it was the No. 1 procedure in 2013, and the number of women undergoing this surgery only continues to increase each year. Plastic surgeon Dr. James Romanelli, a breast augmentation expert on Long Island, says on his website that this popularity is because “how women feel about their breasts sets the tone for how they feel about themselves.”

Too Top Heavy

On the flip side, suffering from overly large breasts is not only a very real health problem, but it’s also very common. Many women experience back and shoulder pain, poor posture, and major discomfort due to their heavy, overly large breasts. In this case, breast reduction surgery is the solution. The procedure itself is 2-fold; it reduces breast size while also lifting and shaping the breasts into a natural-looking position.

Many women who have gone the reduction route have reported that they experienced relief, became active again, and regained their self-esteem. In fact, a breast reduction procedure received a 96% “Worth It” rating on plastic surgery forum Breast reduction is an excellent choice for someone whose large breast size is taking a mental and physical toll.

Seriously Saggy

Unfortunately, breasts can start drooping at just about any age. Elasticity of skin, genes, weight loss, and pregnancy are just some of the factors that can contribute to a sagging chest. Some women turn to a push up bra for a non-surgical approach, while many others opt for a breast lift to achieve a perky look.

This can be an isolated procedure, or it can be performed in combination with breast augmentation if volume is also a concern. If a woman is content with her current breast size, breast tissue that is sagging at the bottom of the breast can be rearranged to achieve better fullness in the upper breast. However, if the patient wants larger breasts, breast implants can be added to the procedure.

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