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Summary: Most women who want breast enhancement choose breast implants for increased breast volume. In fact, hundreds of thousands of women have breast implant procedures in the United States alone each year, with many millions of American women currently enjoying the more voluptuous appearance that implants provide.

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So does this mean that implants are the complete answer for any woman who wants to increase her breast volume? Not necessarily. Newer technology that involves the transfer of your own fat cells from another area of your body to your breasts allows us to create a more refined augmentation than implants alone can provide in many cases. We have seen many advancements in fat grafting technology for cosmetic purposes in recent years.

An Explanation of Fat Transfer

The fat grafting process involves 3 main steps.

  • First, we collect a volume of fat cells from an area of your body such as the stomach or thighs.
  • Then, this fat is specially processed so that the fat cells that are reinjected have the most chance of surviving and remaining viable after implantation.
  • Finally, we inject the cells where needed in the breast to add targeted volume and improve overall shape.

Fat grafting performed in conjunction with breast implants is often referred to as fat transfer breast augmentation. This procedure gives women the ability to enhance the appearance of their breasts using fatty tissue from their own body. Fat transfer is not exclusively limited to the breasts, however. Our patients also may be interested in using harvested fat for lip augmentation or to fill in lines and wrinkles on the face.

Benefits of Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Here are some of the ways your breast augmentation can be improved with the use of fat grafting as part of the procedure:

  • Bigger Volume – Your breast size is enhanced with your own fat tissue that can soften or “hide” the appearance of your implants.
  • Better Body Balance – Since fat grafting uses liposuction to remove excess fat cells, it can have the effect of slightly slimming down one area of the body while further accenting the breasts.
  • Improved Shape – Fat grafting can be targeted to areas of the breast where you want a bit more volume than an implant alone has provided, and can create a more gradual slope to the breast from the collarbone down to the nipple.
  • Better Cover – For women with very little existing breast tissue, certain implant types or styles may be more visible or palpable without the use of fat transfer.

What’s Best for You?

For your breast augmentation, you can choose implants alone or implants in conjunction with fat transfer. Fat grafting alone is not generally a good option for most women who want to enlarge their breast size, because currently the amount of fat that can be transferred only results in an increase of a cup size or less on average. The goal in any breast enhancement procedure is to create beautiful, natural-looking results that help women feel confident and sexier. Your plastic surgeon can review your goals and your anatomy to let you know if fat transfer may be a good part of your augmentation procedure.

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