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Summary: There’s more to the price of liposuction than the fat suction cost. Much comes down to how much fat you want removed, what you want to do with that fat afterwards, and whether you require any other procedures. But there are so many variables when it comes to liposuction costs that we encourage patients to know what they’re getting for the price—beyond the simple dollar amount.

Getting a Good Deal on Liposuction? Are You Sure?

There’s not really a fat suction cost ratio that can be easily applied to liposuction if you’re wondering exactly how much the procedure will set you back. And it’s not uncommon for patients to wonder about exactly that. These days, figuring out the price of a plastic surgery procedure is half the battle—and a significant amount of patient research goes into trying to anticipate the cost of any given procedure.

Liposuction is not immune from that. Indeed, liposuction cost is something that many plastic surgeons are beginning to make more transparent, from Chicago liposuction surgeons to New York lipo specialists. The main reason for that is simple: in most cases, liposuction must be paid for out of pocket.

That’s true for almost all aesthetic plastic surgery procedures (with the exception of perhaps breast reduction or blepharoplasty). Unless there is a medical, health-related reason for you to get a procedure, your insurance likely won’t cover it. Which means those expenses come out of your pocket (though, maybe not all at once).

Why is it so Hard to Figure Out How Much Liposuction Will Cost?

One thing many patients notice is that it’s not very easy to figure out exactly how much your liposuction procedure will actually cost. There are an incredibly number of variables when it comes to this procedure, including the following:

  • The location of your liposuction: Some areas of the body will be most costly than others
  • The extent of your liposuction: In many cases, the more fat you want removed the more you’ll have to pay
  • Whether the patient uses general or local anesthesia
  • Whether the liposuction is paired with any other procedures (such as Brazilian Butt Lift or Fat Graft Breast Augmentation)
  • Local competition and market factors
  • The experience of the surgeon

If you look at Liposuction generally from a national perspective, your average lipo procedure will cost between $2000 and $3500. That does not include fees incurred at the hospital or through anesthesia, both of which could have an impact on your overall fat suction cost ratio.

How to Find Out More About Liposuction Costs

Most patients want to know a little something about how much your liposuction will actually cost before seeing a surgeon. They want to have an idea about whether they’ll be able to afford the procedure. Here’s a dirty little secret: surgeons want you to have that information too.

That’s why many surgeons will actually list prices on their websites. To be sure, these prices will almost never reflect any kind of price guarantee. Rather, the prices are there to give patients a kind of ballpark figure. The truth is that getting an accurate estimate of the costs involved with a liposuction will inevitably depend on an in-person consultation.

The specifics of your case are going to be incredibly important. Your surgeon will want to consider such specifics as:

  • Your overall general health—you have to be healthy enough for surgery, after all!
  • The area you wish to have targeted; certain areas of the body might be more complex
  • The extent of liposuction you wish to have performed
  • The necessity for any additional plastic surgery procedures, such as tummy tuck, to accompany your liposuction

Personal Factors

There are other factors, of course—such as whether you’re at or near your idea weight (or you are at least of a stable weight). Your choices about anesthesia will have a cost implication as well. Usually general anesthesia is much more costly than local anesthesia.

These are all issues your surgeon will be able to see and discuss during your initial conversation. That’s why that price on the website is usually only a starting place—a guide to help you compare.

Is Liposuction Worth the Price?

If you’re paying thousands of dollars for a plastic surgery procedure, you want to make sure it’s going to be worth it. The “worth it” metric is going to be incredibly subjective. Your satisfaction will largely depend on your expectations, your desired final outcome, and how closely your results compare.

However, there are a few things that patients should consider when thinking about getting liposuction. First and foremost, once the fat is removed, it’s gone forever. Fat doesn’t necessarily “grow back.” That means your results will be effectively permanent—but it also means that your results will be the most appealing if you’re able to maintain a relatively stable weight.

Second, some liposuction procedures will also require a skin tightening component as well. For example, patients that are getting significant suction around the belly area might also require a tummy tuck to eliminate excess skin. Once a significant amount of fat is removed, the skin does not always “bounce back” into place, so many surgeons elect to perform both procedures at once in order to generate the best possible results.

Payment Options

You can see how the simple fat suction cost of a liposuction procedure begins to spiral, by necessity including several other factors. Planning that all out can be challenging, especially when you’re paying for a procedure out of pocket. That’s why many plastic surgeons will offer several payment options.

To be certain, you should always check with your insurance company to figure out what will be covered and what won’t be covered—including after care. There may be scenarios where insurance comes into play and it’s good to know what your options are and what they might be in the future.

Financing Options

In other cases, many surgeons will offer financing options to patients who simply can’t pay all at once. Unfortunately, much as with the price, those financing options will vary from surgeon to surgeon. In most cases, there will be some kind of credit check and occasionally a deposit required.

You’ll also need to find out whether your surgeon does financing through his or her office or through a third party, such as CareCredit. Your options will vary depending on what kind of financing your surgeon offers. The best way to find out what those options might be is to visit your plastic surgeon for a consultation.

There’s no rule against discussing financing during your consultation, as for many patients it’s an important part of the decision making process.

More Than Just the Cost of Fat Suction

The thing to remember is that you’re paying for more than the simple suction of fat out of the body (and that suction of fat isn’t so simple, I might add). You’re paying for the experience and expertise of the surgeon. You’re paying for the hospital staff and the surgical facilities. You’re paying for all the training that goes into every surgeon’s and every nurse’s skills. You’re paying for top of the line equipment that’s been tested over and over again for safety.

In other words, you’re paying for high quality results. Certainly, paying more money will not guarantee yourself better results. However, there comes a point where cutting costs (for example, engaging in “plastic surgery tourism”) can put your health and your results in peril.

That’s why it’s important that patients do a little bit more research than simply comparing prices they find on surgeons’ websites. There is so much more to the cost of liposuction than the simple fat suction cost. The more you know about where those costs come from, the better you’ll be able to compare what you’re getting for the price—fat suction cost and all.

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