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Summary: Knowing everything fillers can do can be a boon. It could lay bare all your options, making it easier to select what’s best for you. Or it could be overwhelming. There are so many choices available that, well, it’s hard to choose. That’s why we’re talking about everything fillers can do today. And we’ll be honest–we’re still only just scratching the surface.

A Long List: Everything Fillers Can Do

Knowing everything fillers can do is a tall order, even for somebody who has been immersed in plastic and cosmetic surgery for a number of years. But that knowledge can come in handy, largely because dermal fillers can do so much. And at the same time, they’re always doing the same thing.

The first thing to remember about dermal fillers is that you’re going to have a lot of choices. There are tons of brands of fillers out there. Most of them are hyaluronic acid based fillers. Don’t worry, hyaluronic acid sounds like something kind of scary, but it’s actually just a substance found already in your body.

And most fillers are temporary. Of course, how long “temporary” actually is will vary by the treatment and the filler. The point is, you’ve got a lot to consider when you start thinking about everything fillers can do. So we’re going to talk about some of the criteria you should be thinking about.

What Can Fillers Do, Really?

Fillers are designed to do exactly what their name implies: fill volume. And it’s in the filling of volume that these injectables find their power. A dermal filler can:

  • Fill volume in the cheeks to make them look rounder and more youthful
  • Increase volume beneath the skin all around the face, eliminating lines and wrinkles
  • Change the shape of the nose by injecting filler (it’s called a non surgical nose job)
  • Increase the size of the lips in a procedure called lip augmentation, making the lips puffier and rounder
  • Diminish lines and wrinkles around the lips
  • Get rid of lines and wrinkles around the eyes
  • Help to eliminate dark circles around the eyes
  • Alter the profile of the chin, jawline, or face

You can start to get the idea. Dermal fillers do a ton of stuff, and this doesn’t even really cover it all. How long each treatment lasts will depend on the injection site. Areas of the face that tend to get used more often will often see the filler dissipate more quickly (for example, filler in the lips might be absorbed more quickly than filler in the cheeks).

But the other factor is the filler itself. Because injectable fillers have so many uses, they also come in a few different varieties.

What Changes with Varieties of Fillers?

And when we say that fillers come in different varieties, we really mean it. Most fillers these days are hyaluronic acid based. But even in that category, there are variations that manufacturers can create:

  • Molecule size (the smaller the size, the finer the results)
  • Molecular strength (the stronger the molecule group, the longer the filler will last)
  • Synthetic or natural
  • In some cases, manufacturers will insert additives into the filler, for various effects

In other words, there are plenty of ways that manufacturers can and do spice up their filler assortments. That just means that you, as a patient, have more options.

How Do I Choose the Filler I Want?

For patients, all these choices can be overwhelming. All of those options can be dizzying. That’s understandable. So the question is, how do you choose what kind of filler you want? The answer is that, thankfully, most of the time you won’t be choosing. At least, not directly.

In most instances, what you’ll choose is your final result. You can go to your cosmetic surgeon or medical spa with a good idea of what you want your results to look like: maybe you want to look younger, maybe you want bigger, rounder lips. Whatever the case may be, you’ll describe your desired results to your surgeon.

And your surgeon is the one who will choose the best possible filler for your desired results.

When You Have Specific Ideas

That said, there are some instances when patients have very specific ideas about the fillers they want. If that’s the case when you go in for your consultation, you’ll want to talk about your intentions with your surgeon. It might be that you’re on to something, but it’s also possible you’ll want to consider a better alternative.

In any case, knowing everything fillers can do might be important to you. But most people will be well served simply by the knowledge of what fillers can do for them. And to find that out, just think about what you want your results to look like–and figure out the best way to accomplish that.

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