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Summary: Some women who undergo a breast augmentation wish they would have gone a little larger or tiny bit smaller. Exchanging your implants may help you achieve the perfect look you desire.

Cosmetic Surgery Issues

Most women who undergo cosmetic surgery love their results. There are always rare occurrences, however, where women wish they would have done something differently. When it comes to breast augmentation, almost all of the regrets associated with the procedure have to do with size. If you have recently received breast implants and are not completely thrilled with your final result, exchanging your implants for a different volume or a different solution may make all the difference.


Finding Your Perfect Implant

Implants come in two different solutions (either saline, or silicone), and are measured in terms of “cc’s.” There are pros and cons of both types of implants, and of course there are many factors that can influence your desired cc’s. Your board certified cosmetic surgeon understands the nuances of your breast implants and is ready to exchange yours for something different once you determine how you want your (new) final results to look.

What’s New, What’s Hot

Silicone implants were banned for years, but thanks to innovations in technology and safety changes to the implants, silicone is now back on the market and is being embraced more than ever before. Many women who originally underwent an augmentation procedure to have saline implants are now exchanging them for silicone. Benefits of silicone gel include:

  • A more natural look and feel
  • Softer to the touch than saline implants
  • Lower rates of rippling and rupturing
  • Downward displacement of implant due to gravity is less (because silicone implants are lighter than saline)

Chances are, now that you know that silicone is back on the market and taking over the implant world, you will want to consult your doctor to see if your older saline implants could be refreshed with new ones filled with silicone.

Going Up (or Down) in Size

Another reason women often decide to exchange their implants is because they are unhappy with the size that they chose. If you aren’t thrilled with your overall final results because of an error in size, enhancing your implants can help fix that issue immediately! As mentioned before, implants are measured in cc’s. While a certain amount of cc’s would have two completely different outcomes on two different patients depending on the starting size of their breasts, it is pretty common that a 400-500 cc implant would bring your size up to a D cup if you are starting with tiny natural breasts. Many women looking to go from an A cup to a D cup choose an implant right around 450 cc’s. Only a board certified cosmetic surgeon will truly know how many cc’s are required for your desired look, however, so being open and honest with him about your desires for a breast implant exchange is an important part of getting the results you desire the second time around.

Consult the Pros:

If you’re considering a breast implant exchange we suggest consulting with the board certified plastic surgeons from Minneapolis Plastic Surgery, LTD – one of the leading centers for plastic surgery in the Mid-West.

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