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Summary: There are some plastic surgery procedures that are simply straight forward. You go in for a tummy tuck and you get a tummy tuck. Of course, even that isn’t entirely true. Because any procedure is going to come with a certain number of options. What are your breast lift options? Well, that depends on what you’re looking to achieve.

What Are Your Breast Lift Options?

Whatever you’re doing, you want options. If you’re putting in a new counter top in your kitchen, you want options. If you’re going out to eat for dinner, you want options. If you’re going to the movies, you want options. So it’s no wonder that the same is true if you’re getting a breast lift. But what are your breast lift options?

After all, we’re talking about a single procedure, right? There can’t be all that many options with one procedure, can there? It turns out that with a breast lift options are usually plentiful. That’s because a breast lift is one of those procedures that is uniquely adaptable.

Let’s put it this way: every breast lift is different. So let’s talk about some of your breast lift options.

Adding a Breast Reduction to Your Breast Lift

One of the most popular options used by many patients is to combine a breast lift with a breast reduction. In most cases, a breast lift is designed to correct the orientation of the breasts. It’s supposed to make the breasts look perkier and more youthful.

But that can’t happen when there’s an excess of tissue around the breasts. That’s because excess tissue can make the breast too heavy—and over time that can diminish the results of your breast lift. So many surgeons will suggest that patients add a breast reduction to the breast lift.

Together, the two procedures can eliminate a significant amount of excess tissue at the same time that it provides lift to the breasts. For most patients, this is the really what a breast lift is about: getting back breasts that look youthful and perky. Sometimes eliminate a portion of excess tissue is a necessary step in doing that.

The nice thing about combining these two procedures is that it helps to ensure your results will last for a long while; without the extra weight, your breasts will remain a bit perkier for quite a while longer (this is in addition to all the other benefits of a breast reduction).

Adding a Breast Augmentation to Your Breast Lift

Sometimes during the course of your life, your breasts might not just sag, they might lose volume. When this volume loss occurs, sometimes it can be addressed with a breast lift and only a breast lift. But in other cases, patients might need to combine a breast augmentation procedure with their breast lift.

This works both ways, of course. Patients who go in for a breast augmentation will often have a breast lift performed as well. This is simply a way to help patients get the youthful looking results they want.

In cases where a breast implant of some kind is used, surgeons will take the necessary steps to ensure the results are fantastic. Basically, surgeons are looking to increase the volume of the breast in order to make up for the volume that was once lost. The other nice thing about this procedure is that patients, then, can exert some control over how large they want their final breasts to be.

Benefits of Pairing Breast Lift with Another Procedure

Many patients choose to pair a breast lift with another procedure due to the benefits associated with combining procedures. If the procedures were performed at different times, the results might not be the same. Additionally, the patient would have to undergo multiple recoveries.

When the procedures are performed together, the patient only has to undergo one recovery period. And since the pain is localized in one area, that recovery isn’t really much more intense than if the breast lift was done all on its own or as a separate procedure.

Because the procedures are done all at once, the patient also enjoys much bolder and more noticeable results. That doesn’t mean, necessarily that everyone’s going to notice and comment on those results—most women opt for a look that is natural to their bodies.

But it’s good to have options.

The Importance of Multiple Options

All of these options were developed because surgeons wanted to ensure that patients were getting their desired final results. Because we’re all individuals and we have our unique goals in mind, sometimes that means taking an approach that is, well, specific to your breasts and specific to your case.

When all is said and done, the most important thing is that you get the results that you’re after—and the results that are right for your body.

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