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Summary: If you watched The Oscars a few weeks ago you probably noticed how tight and smooth many of the celebrities faces looked. Don’t let them fool you, they didn’t achieve that with expensive cream. Facelifts are always the answer!

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Celebrities Saving Face

The Academy Awards is a great opportunity to see plastic surgery at work. While some of the faces have you gasping for the wrong reasons, many celebrity women looked ravishing for their age. How do Jennifer Aniston, Megan Fox, and Meg Ryan keep their face looking so smooth? Facelifts! Many like to claim that its expensive creams or an organic diet, but at the end of the day if you are trying to correct major fine lines and deep wrinkles, you’re gonna want a facelift. It might sound scary but it really isn’t. With the right plastic surgeon you can be a facelift “do” on the red carpet (or at Target, wherever…)

Facelift Facts

Milwaukee facial plastic surgeon Dr. Bosbous knows how you feel about your wrinkles. He sees clients every day who want that famous rejuvenated look. For those who are curious about the ins and outs of facelifts, we’ve complied a few quick facts with the help of Dr. B:

  • Wrinkles are a part of the natural aging process. Over time our skin loses its elasticity, and this means that the underlying tissues also tend to lose volume. Tightening the skin and removing any excess is the only surgical way to correct this.
  • A facelift procedure is often sought out by those wishing to reverse the signs of facial aging. For example: deep creases along the nose and around the corners of the mouth.
  • Most face and neck lifts take 3-5 hours depending on the combination of procedures being performed.
  • Many facelift patients combine their surgery with neck lifts or eyelid lifts in order to get an overall rejuvenation. Combination surgery is the best for those who are looking for extreme results.
  • The initial recovery time for a typical facelift surgery is about 10-14 days.

Gimme that Famous Look

If you are interested in a facelift, the first thing is to find the perfect cosmetic surgeon. Next is to understand the procedure… meaning what it can and can’t achieve. The reason why some don’t look so hot after a facelift is because they insist on super dramatic results. If you keep it subtle like Jennifer Aniston did, you will look amazing in your 40’s, 50’s and beyond. Facelift surgery is popular and a great way to smooth out those nasty wrinkles. So, now! Go get your famously refreshed face! You will be fully recovered well before the next

If you feel excited about the many possibilities Milwaukee facial plastic surgeon Dr. Bosbous visit Milwaukee Plastic Surgery. The smooth, famous-looking face of your dreams could be one facelift away!

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