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Summary: There are many benefits to cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures, not the least of which is finally being able to look the way you want to look. But there are benefits that come along with that: feeling happier, feeling more comfortable in your own body, having more confidence and more self esteem. And all of these added benefits lead to even more benefits. High confidence and self esteem can mean that you get a job when interviewed, or have the confidence to demand (and receive) a raise at work. But are these benefits available only to those who can pay? Botox makes you happy—but how much does happiness cost?

botox makes you happy if you want it

For Many, Botox Makes You Happy

Cosmetic surgery has been trending upwards since Botox was first approved for use to fight the deepening of wrinkles. Very broadly (and generally defined), cosmetic surgery includes all of those procedures which do not involve intensive surgery—Botox injections, dermal fillers, CoolSculpting, laser systems and so on. Recovery from cosmetic surgery procedures is usually relatively easy and you can usually resume your daily routine within a matter of minutes or hours, compared to a matter of weeks with more traditional surgery. (That said, cosmetic plastic surgery is simply a way to talk about plastic surgery procedures that are performed for cosmetic purposes, and should not be confused with cosmetic surgery itself).

A recent article in the New York Times touches on this, but with a twist. In fact, the Times article is mostly concerned with two things. First, cosmetic surgery can make you feel much more confident about yourself, and this confidence can then go on to have a wide variety of positive impacts on your life. Second, this confidence and positivity come at a price. Part of what the article discusses is the rising prices of cosmetic surgery procedures—and, generally, that’s also correct. Cosmetic surgery can be an expensive undertaking, especially if you’re having substantial procedures performed.

If Botox Makes You Happy, Why Does it Cost so Much?

But for those who are uncomfortable with their looks and won’t be satisfied with, say, more extensive make-up, cosmetic surgery is actually the more affordable option. Plastic surgery—procedures such as tummy tuck or facelifts or neck lifts—offer a substantial impact on the body. You can get rid of wrinkles and lines and look years younger. You have more control over the outcome of each procedure and you’re able to produce more dramatic effects. The drawback to these procedures is usually the recovery time—it can be weeks before you’re able to exercise again, for example.

But the second thing that makes cosmetic surgery a more attractive alternative is the fact that cosmetic surgery is, generally, much less expensive than plastic surgery. When you think about it, this makes sense. With cosmetic surgery, it’s usually a simple injection or, perhaps at its most complex, an hour under a laser or CoolSculpting machine. Yes, you need to have these procedures performed by highly-trained individuals and by professionals. I don’t mean to imply that cosmetic surgery is less expensive because just anyone can do it—that’s quite far from the truth.

Lower Costs with Cosmetic Surgery

However, when it comes to cosmetic surgery, there are a great deal of costs that surgeons do not incur (and, therefore, that patients do not incur). With cosmetic surgery, there is no need for anesthesia, there is no need for a hospital stay, no need for sutures or staples and follow up visits. These are huge costs (anything involving hospitals can end up as a huge expense if insurance isn’t covering the procedure), and it can save an equally huge amount of money not to incur them. This means that cosmetic procedures have a double appeal: saving time (in terms of recovery) and saving money (in terms of dollars).

This would help explain why many plastic surgeons also offer cosmetic surgery options. For example, in one plastic surgery center in Clear Lake, TX, Botox is offered in addition to facelift and neck lift plastic surgery procedures. This is likely because there are many potential patients out there who are far more interested in instant gratification, even if it means a more subtle result. Indeed, to many patients, that may be what’s desirable in the first place.

Cosmetic Surgery Offers Lower Costs and Potent Benefits

By offering both cosmetic and plastic surgery options, plastic surgeons are able to ensure that they’re giving patients the procedures they’re comfortable with at a pace they’re comfortable with. Or, to say it another way, by offering both plastic and cosmetic procedures, plastic surgeons give patients a convenient and low-risk entry point, a way to see if they like the experience with little risk. This is important to many, as it’s often the riskier elements of plastic surgery that keep people away. Cosmetic procedures, on the other hand, are quite low stakes.

And, of course, cosmetic procedures can have a positive impact on your life just as plastic surgery procedures can. As the New York Times mentioned, those who undergo cosmetic surgery procedures benefit almost immediately from improved confidence and self-esteem. In other words, patients of cosmetic surgery tend to feel great about the way they look, their previous concerns or discomfort melting into the past. And confidence can really give you a leg up when it comes to events such as asking for a promotion or going on a job interview.

So while the bottle might say Botox, what you’re really getting an injection of is confidence—and that’s definitely worth what you pay for it.

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