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Summary: Everywhere we look, women continue to break the glass ceiling. From tech company CEOs to heads of state, women are performing at the upper echelons of the business world, government and in medicine, as well. Today, professional females are emerging in many different fields, including plastic surgery. And it turns out that the broader availability of female plastic surgeons may offer unanticipated benefits to women who seek plastic surgery.

Firsthand Understanding of Cosmetic Concerns

Breast enhancement procedures remain at the top of the list of most popular cosmetic procedures in America. Whether you want to add volume to your breasts with breast augmentation or rejuvenate your breast position through a breast lift, a female plastic surgeon may be able to relate to your appearance concerns more authentically than a male plastic surgeon. Because she, too, is a woman, a female plastic surgeon may even have experienced similar appearance issues herself, and may therefore be able to better empathize with your situation.

A common concern for women who get breast implants or another plastic surgery procedure is how a future pregnancy may impact their results. The relationship between plastic surgery and pregnancy is an additional topic that a female plastic surgeon may have firsthand experience with, and can therefore offer guidance that may be more candid and nuanced than a male plastic surgeon.

Enhanced Communication around Sensitive Issues

Because a female plastic surgeon has firsthand knowledge of a woman’s unique anatomical features, she may be better-equipped to understand a woman’s specific goals as well as her unique needs. What’s more, some women may feel more comfortable communicating with a female plastic surgeon.

Plastic surgery may be about enhancing one’s physical appearance, but it directly affects a woman’s self-image and confidence. In many cases, plastic surgery may also impact a woman’s intimate relationship or sex life. Whether contemplating a breast enhancement procedure, post-weight loss body contouring, breast reconstruction after cancer or another plastic surgery procedure, some women may simply find they prefer working with a female plastic surgeon.

An Appreciation for the Many Hats that Women Must Wear

Many women who consider plastic surgery are trying to balance their procedures with their family responsibilities. It can be difficult for a woman who wants a mommy makeover, for example, to carve out the time and support that’s necessary for her optimal recovery. A mommy makeover typically includes a breast augmentation and/or lift, a tummy tuck and liposuction, and this combination of procedures requires ample downtime for healing.

A female plastic surgeon can play a role as a supportive advocate, encouraging women to take the time they truly need for a successful recovery and beautiful mommy makeover results. Indeed, there’s a strong likelihood that a female plastic surgeon knows all too well the delicate juggling act of balancing career, family and her own needs.

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Offers Skill and Experience

Regardless of the plastic surgery procedure that you’d like, working with an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon can ensure that you’re in good hands. Through a thorough consultation, a board-certified plastic surgeon can listen to your goals, help to answer your questions and assuage any concerns you might have. She’ll also be able to discuss your candidacy with you and help you to best prepare for your plastic surgery procedure, so that you not only know what to expect every step of the way, but you can plan ahead for an optimal recovery and beautiful, long-lasting results.

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