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Summary: Breast augmentation is one of those procedures that is more or less synonymous with plastic surgery. And in that way, plastic surgery has a reputation among the less in-the-know as an impulsive decision. However, the reality is quite different. Not everyone looking for a New Jersey breast augmentation just jumps right in. In fact, most plastic surgery patients take a lot of time to come to the decision to get breast augmentation—or any other plastic surgery, for that matter. So, when should you get a breast augmentation procedure? Well, the answer to that depends on a lot.

when should you get a breast augmentation?

The Decision: When Should You Get a Breast Augmentation Procedure?

Most women who undergo a breast augmentation procedure have thought about it for quite some time. They’ve done research, they’ve reflected on their desires, and they’ve consulted with trusted friends or family members. In other words, it’s very rarely an “impulse” procedure or an impromptu demand (though this has happened occasionally). This defies the stereotype of the “boob job” patient, and challenges some of our assumptions about plastic surgery in general, but that doesn’t stop it from being the truth. But this also has me wondering: if we assume that most patients who want a breast augmentation have wanted one for a long time, when should you get a breast augmentation procedure? That is, what motivates the patient to pull the trigger?

It’s a complex question, and maybe we can start by asking ourselves, what might stop a woman from pulling the trigger in the first place. There are multiple answers. Some potential patients might spend a great deal of time researching—not only investigating potential plastic surgeons, but reading reviews and immersing themselves in the field of plastic surgery. After all, many patients of plastic surgery find themselves forming communities—where information and opinions are shared and where support for any procedure is given. You can find communities such as this at websites such as

First Step is Researching

The research phase is important. It’s where not only you can settle on the final look you want—how large you want your breasts to go—but also where you might settle on the plastic surgeon you’d like to work with. Sometimes your preference in plastic surgeon might be based on personality—you want someone you can talk to, someone who you can be open with, and personality has a lot to do with that. But you will also want to make sure the surgeons are board certified and highly experienced. It also doesn’t hurt to look for a before and after gallery or procedures performed, which many plastic surgeons make available on their websites.

But some women still hesitate to go under the knife even after the research is complete. Perhaps hesitate is the wrong word. They’re simply looking for the right time. There are plenty of things, after all, that can get in the way of our dreams. For women who desire a breast augmentation procedure, in particular, child birth or the potential to have children may be one reason they do not go ahead with the procedure sooner. Many women might feel that a breast augmentation will keep them from breast feeding, and while this isn’t always true, it does rarely occur.

Your Breast Augmentation and Your Life

Perhaps more likely is the notion that breast-feeding will diminish the results of the breast augmentation procedure, and there is some truth in this. It’s impossible for plastic surgeons to guarantee the results of the procedure through pregnancy and child birth, as so many stresses are placed upon the body, stretching it this way and that way. And, of course, breast augmentation is quite an investment—many women don’t wish to risk that investment by getting pregnant shortly after the procedure is performed.

Which brings us to the other reason many women hold off: finances. It’s true that, most often, insurance does not cover elective cosmetic surgery, such as breast augmentation. This means that most women are going to have to pay for their procedure either through financing or out of pocket, which can delay the initiation of the procedure. However, most women who do go through with a breast augmentation surgery consider it very much worth the cost.

Deciding on the Timing

So when should you get a breast augmentation procedure? Well, when you’re ready for it. According to the Ridgewood breast augmentation specialists at East Coast Advanced Plastic Surgery, the decision to undergo a breast augmentation procedure is one that is incredibly personal, but it’s one that many women are eager to make. Sometimes life gets in the way. The best advice I can give, I suppose, is to be patient and to refuse to give up on your dreams, even when that dream is something that others might frown upon, such as a breast augmentation.

After all, most women who want a breast augmentation and who undergo the procedure report a huge increase in quality of life, including increased self-esteem and self-confidence. This shouldn’t be surprising. For women who have spent a long time thinking about when they should get a breast augmentation procedure, this moment has been a long time coming. They finally have the body they’ve always wanted. And that’s something worth celebrating.

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