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Summary: You have worked hard to lose a massive amount of weight, but there are still steps that need to be done for you to be able to fully enjoy your results. If you have found yourself with an excessive amount of extra skin after your weight loss, cosmetic surgery may be the final step in realizing your dreams.

A Right to be Proud

Extreme weight loss is an amazing and admirable feat. Regardless of if you did it the old fashioned way with diet and exercise, or opted for a surgical fix like gastric bypass, the fact that you have decreased your size dramatically is remarkable and something to be proud of. Being overweight poses large risks to your health, and losing weight is often times the only way to reduce these negative side effects. If you have recently lost an incredible amount of weight you have every right to celebrate- and you have every right to continue the process with a cosmetic alteration that will allow you to fully celebrate your newly created shape!

Extra Skin Can Cause Distress

What some people don’t consider after a large weight loss is that while the fat has left the body, the skin will still remain unless it is removed with surgery. There is only so much that exercise can “tighten up.” The truth is, you will likely need to undergo a cosmetic procedure (or even several) in order to fully achieve the results you desire. Luckily, this is a very common occurrence and most surgeons are very knowledgeable in post-weight loss surgery.

All of Your Options

Everyone’s body is different. Depending on your skin’s elasticity, pre-and-post weight loss weights, and the method by which you lost the weight, everything about your situation will be unique compared to someone else’s. It is very important that you understand that your surgical plan will need to be customized depending on your personal needs. Some of the procedures you may need could possibly include:

Breast lift: Often time’s women who experience a dramatic weight loss lose a lot of volume in the breasts almost immediately. If the breast size changes, often times the skin will sag. A breast lift procedure can lift the tissue and skin of the area and create a new “perkiness” you never thought possible.

Breast augmentation: Some women who grew accustom to having larger breasts miss this fullness post-weight loss. Breast augmentation with an implant can restore the breasts to a larger size that will shine on your now smaller frame.

Tummy tuck: Excess skin in the abdomen area is one of the most common complaints of those who have lost a lot of weight. Often times this is the most visible negative side effect of weight loss. With a tummy tuck, the skin around the stomach can be removed and tightened to create a flat and sexy midsection.

Liposuction: If your weight loss was uneven, or you didn’t lose as much as you hoped, you can undergo an additional liposuction procedure in order to “sculpt” your new shape. To create curves in all the right places, doctors can remove excess fat you couldn’t manage with diet and exercise alone.

Butt lift: These days it is all about the booty. With gluteal augmentation and lift you can reshape your backside to be perky (similar to the positive effects achievable with a breast lift.)

The Time is Now

Above is just a small sample of the procedures you may want to consider after your extreme weight loss. Do not get discouraged if your weight loss results left you with excess skin or sagging in places you wish you weren’t. Your journey has been long, but the rewards will be worth it. Discussing your current situation with a cosmetic surgeon will help you look the way you deserve after the amazing feat you’ve already achieved!

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