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Summary: When we think of fatty tissue, we almost always think of the belly area. But fat can accumulate all over the body—sometimes we wish it was in the belly. So if liposuction is designed to eliminate fat, and fat can accumulate anywhere, where does liposuction work best? It turns out that’s not such an easy question to answer, as there are a lot of variables involved. In order to answer the question, you have to know the basics about liposuction—that it’s not designed to eliminate excess skin or excess muscle. Liposuction targets fat and only fat—but for some parts of your body, that’s a good thing.

Where does liposuction work best?

Figuring Out: Where Does Liposuction Work Best?

When it comes to liposuction, there’s always one question that pops up without fail: where? That is, where does liposuction work best? Where is liposuction most effective? Of course, all of that is going to depend on your particular body and your specific desired results. In other words, there’s a lot of variability in liposuction procedures for patients seeking that out. Of course, most people think of liposuction as something you get for your stomach—or, more precisely, for your belly (your stomach is the organ on the interior…it’s what starts the digestion process, it’s not what’s on the outside).

It’s important to remember that liposuction is not used to target either muscle or excess tissue. So if your problem is one of excess tissue, you should consider a procedure such as a tummy tuck (or, if your problem is excess tissue in the legs, something like a lower body lift). Similarly, if your problem is muscle development, there may not be much that plastic surgery procedures can really do for you. However, according to the website of the liposuction experts at Minneapolis Plastic Surgery, if you do have a certain amount of excess fat which you’d like to eliminate, liposuction may be a good choice—especially if that fat seems particularly immune to diet and exercise.

The Best Targets for Liposuction

So, where does liposuction work best? A couple of places, as it turns out.

  • The Abdomen: We all probably saw this one coming. The abdomen is a great place to target a liposuction procedure, mostly because that’s where fatty tissue tends to congregate and where it tends to want to stay. In other words, fatty tissue around the abdomen tends to be plentiful and persistent. This makes it a great target for liposuction procedures. Indeed, liposuction around the belly area can often help create definition and a more toned-looking midriff. Often, you already have visible abdominal muscles—liposuction eliminates the unwanted fat so you can show off that muscle a little more easily.
  • The Neck: It’s not like we can really do neck exercises, right? Well, okay, we probably could, but they’re not a common part of your exercise routine in all likelihood. And when fatty tissue starts to build up around our neck, it can throw your whole look off, messing with your proportions and throwing your self-esteem into a tailspin. Luckily, liposuction for the neck can take care of that by eliminating much of that unwanted fat and returning your neck to a sleeker, slimmer look.
  • The arms: Sometimes, fat disproportionately accumulates in certain areas of our bodies. The arms are commonly one of those areas, so many people try (in vain) to reduce the fat there. The solution for the arms, then, is often liposuction, and it can make a spectacular difference. The arms, much as with the neck, have an effect on how the entire body is viewed. Patients who receive liposuction on the arms report a significant impact on overall body image, making this area particularly impactful.

Other Liposuction Targets

Of course, just because those are the areas where liposuction might be the most effective doesn’t mean they’re the only possible targets for a liposuction procedure. Indeed, liposuction can be used in many places throughout the body, including on the hips and, as has been quite popular lately, on the legs.

Liposuction isn’t quite the blunt instrument it was in years past. These days it can produce a relatively subtle effect—a variation on liposuction usually called liposculpting. The idea is that liposculpting blends the new results with the old, making it seem as though you’ve lost weight naturally rather than all at once. It’s a great way to make sure the results enhance and augment beauty and personality that’s already there—in other words, it’s a great way to make sure you still look like the real you when all is said and done.

Less Fat for a Happy Patient

Of course, we do have to mention that no matter where you target your liposuction procedure, we are talking about a surgical technique. That means that you will be looking at a hefty recovery time. Sometimes, it’s only a couple of days before you are up and moving around again—but full recovery from a liposuction procedure can take weeks. That’s definitely something you need to keep in mind when you’re targeting the procedure.

That said, liposuction does have a pretty high satisfaction rate. Even more so when you’re really targeting the areas that are problematic to you. With liposuction, you can eliminate belly fat, neck fat, or even arm fat that would otherwise be sticking around for the rest of your life. For liposuction patients, this change can be a big deal in a physical and an emotional sense. In other words, choosing the right liposuction location can profoundly change your life for the better. So if you’re thinking about liposuction, make sure you speak to your plastic surgeon about the procedure.

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