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woman walks on the beach with her child; should you finish having kids before getting a mommy makeover?

Summary: Have you been wondering: should I finish having kids before getting a Mommy Makeover? After all, maybe you aren’t entirely sure when you will be done having children. Maybe your future isn’t quite set. Should you still put off having a Mommy Makeover procedure even though you want those results now? The answer to this question will, ultimately, be quite personal—something you should decide with your surgeon.

Should I Finish Having Kids Before Getting a Mommy Makeover?

There are so many questions about Mommy Makeover procedures that are important. But among the most common questions we get is the following: Should I finish having kids before getting a mommy makeover?

The fact that this particular question is common probably shouldn’t surprise us. Mommy Makeover surgery is intrinsically linked to, well, being a mom. (That’s not to say that all mommy makeover patients are mothers themselves—simply that there is a link there.)

In other words, this is a natural question to pop up around a procedure that is more or less advertised as a way to mitigate the effects of motherhood. So, you’re asking, should I finish having kids before getting a Mommy Makeover? The simple answer is yes, you should. But there are certainly shades of grey when it comes to the longer, more complicated answer.

The Timing of a Mommy Makeover

Getting the timing right on a Mommy Makeover is incredibly important. According to the website of Dr. Tenley Lawton, one of Orange County’s premiere Mommy Makeover surgeons, this particular procedure is designed to significantly diminish the signs and appearances of aging.

In other words, a mommy makeover will typically address:

  • Sagging or deflation of breast tissue (via a breast lift or breast augmentation)
  • Excess skin around the belly area (via a tummy tuck procedure)
  • Stubborn areas of fat that won’t respond to even diet and exercise (via liposuction procedures)

In order to treat all of those areas, of course, the issues have to develop in the first place. And pregnancy coupled with motherhood has a way of exacerbating the natural aging process in those three primary areas. The solution, then, is usually a combination of breast lift, tummy tuck and liposuction—together called a Mommy Makeover.

As such, it makes the most sense to undergo a Mommy Makeover procedure only after pregnancy and motherhood have stressed and aged the body.

Mommy Makeover and Additional Pregnancies

Because the fact of the matter is that a Mommy Makeover can be an especially expensive procedure. For most patients, it’s an excellent way to invest in themselves, and the results are worth every penny. In most cases, those results will last for a significant amount of time.

Pregnancy Resets Your Results

But a pregnancy after your mommy makeover will stress out your body all over again. This has the potential to reset your results. Basically, you’d be right back where you started before the procedure. Most patients put far too much time, energy, and capital into their results to let that happen. Therefore, they try to plan out the procedure so that it happens after they’re done expanding their families.

Life is Unpredictable

Ultimately, of course, life is rather unpredictable—and pregnancy definitely often falls into that category. The best thing you can do is keep all of your doctors informed about any procedures you have had performed so that they can prepare you as best as possible.

Ultimately, any decisions involving your health and the best ways to expand your family will be left to you. The timing on your Mommy Makeover will likewise be left up to you. No one can tell you when the “right” time is. However, there are definitely some advantages in waiting until you’ve finished having children to schedule your procedure.

Dealing with an unplanned or unpredictable pregnancy might present a challenge. But that’s why open communication with all of your doctors is an essential part of making the best decision.

Find the Optimal Timing for Yourself

The key here is to find the optimal timing for yourself. Should you finish having kids before getting a Mommy Makeover? Probably, but only you know your unique situation. And that could have a bearing on your decision and what time frame might be just right for your procedure.

The best way to get answers that are unique to you is to talk about your desires with a plastic surgeon in your area who specializes in Mommy Makeover procedures.

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    1. That’s a question that can be best answered by your plastic surgeon. Broadly speaking, that kind of combination is possible–but only your surgeon will be able to tell you whether it will work for you and your body. The costs for these procedures vary widely, depending on where you live and the surgeons in your area.

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