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Summary: As we age, gravity can play awful tricks on us. Even parts of our face start to droop. This is the case with your eyelids, where lax skin combined with gravity can leave your eyes looking tired and your vision impaired. The solution to this problem is a procedure called blepharoplasty—or eyelid lift. And it’s turned into a surprisingly popular procedure. According to Dr. John McFate, who runs an Austin cosmetic surgery clinic, it’s especially popular among men.


Aging is a Drag

Aging is, in many ways, aided and abetted by this little thing called gravity. Women might notice this most prominently in their breasts, but it affects everyone over the years. The other most noticeable location is in the face, where gravity can pull your cheeks, forehead, and even your ears down, resulting in jowls, wrinkles, and a face that looks a bit older than it might feel, complete with frown lines and crow’s feet.

This type of gravity-assisted aging can also affect your eyelids, pulling them down, stretching them out, and, ultimately interfering with your vision. The eyelids are a particularly sensitive—and telling—area of the face, as they’re often where people look first during an introduction or a personal conversation. In many ways, your eyes aren’t just windows to your soul, they’re omens of who you are—which means you want to tell people that you’re at your best.

Eyelid Lift

To rectify these sagging eyelids, plastic surgeons recommend a procedure called blepharoplasty—more commonly known as an eyelid lift. What’s really interesting is that blepharoplasty is showing a great deal of popularity with men.

According to Dr. John McFate, who runs an Austin cosmetic surgery clinic, “More and more men are realizing there are many plastic surgical options out there to return some of their lost youthful features.” Blepharoplasty is simply a great example of this—and perhaps an excellent gateway into the cosmetic surgery world, as it carries an air of being a necessary procedure.

Significant Gains Among Men

There may also be more reasons why blepharoplasty is seeing significant gains among men. “In the business world today,” says Dr. McFate, “it helps to look young and energetic when captivating an audience. Blepharoplasty and/or eyelid ptosis repair are two excellent procedures that can restore youthfulness in the area around the eyes and can be provided as outpatient procedures.”

Blepharoplasty is a relatively quick and painless way to breathe some youthful life back into a face that, thanks to gravity, is aging before its time. As the eyes are so important to the overall impressions of the face, the procedure makes a huge impact, leaving you looking—and feeling—more youthful, no matter the circumstances of your procedure.

So if you’re thinking about how to get some of that youthful sparkle back into your eyes, talk to a plastic surgeon about blepharoplasty today.

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