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Summary: The group of people known as Generation X, that is in the age group of 31-45, is actually pretty fond of plastic surgery. At least, the numbers bear out that they think it’s worth the expense. But they’re not always getting those procedures most people heavily associate with plastic surgery. They’re looking in more subtle places.

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Generation X

Sometimes when people think about plastic surgery, it’s easy to imagine the typical clientele as one of two things. The first vision is a woman in her 60s getting a facelift to look young forever. The second vision is a woman in her early 20s getting a breast augmentation to fit in with today’s notion of what’s attractive. These stereotypes, however, do little to convey the truth. In fact, the group that’s often not though of—the 31-45 range–is actually pretty fond of plastic surgery.

For Gen-Xers, as they’re called (because every generation needs a catchy name), it’s about career, it’s about confidence, and it’s worth the money. So, let’s look at a few procedures that get Generation X excited (and I promise I’ll stop using generational nicknames while we’re at it).



Having a reputation for providing significant weight loss, liposuction has actually become a much more subtle procedure, and that may be why men and women between 30-45 tend to like it so much. The procedure is often performed on stubborn pockets of fat that exercise and diet simply cannot effectively target. The abilities of liposculpting (essentially, liposuction aided by a laser) make it easy to blend into the shape you’re looking for.

Butt Augmentation

This procedure is not exclusive to New Jersey plastic surgery patients. Butt augmentations, using butt implants, have become pretty popular nationwide, if not worldwide. This is largely because the rear end is a really difficult part of the anatomy to sculpt with exercise alone. So, to get a bigger, rounder rear end—and the confidence and look that comes with it—many women opt for a butt lift. It’s helpful that butt implants often use your own body fat to accomplish the mission, killing two birds with one stone.

Arm Lift

As we age, gravity tends to take a toll on different parts of our body in different ways. In the arms, it can sometimes mean that a bit of excess skin turns into what some callously call “batwings.” It’s that loose skin that hangs down from your arm. An arm lift removes excess skin and tightens the arm.

Breast Lift

The breast lift has become an increasingly popular procedure, especially in those women who have found that—again—gravity is having a particular effect on their anatomy. In this case, a breast lift will provide women with the perkiness that has been drained by gravity through the years.

Take Your Pick

Plastic surgery is a much more diverse enterprise than many people think. And Gen-Xers aren’t the only ones who have found a way to make it work for them. They value the confidence boost that comes with the procedure, and find that it generally improves their quality of life.

There’s a procedure out there for you. All you’ve got to do is find it.

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