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Summary: Knowing how to get a flat tummy and actually achieving that goal are two totally different things. Sometimes that’s within your control. Maybe it means more dieting or more rigorous exercise. But sometimes you just can’t fight with your body. In those cases, plastic surgery may be required to help you reach your goal. But how to get a flat tummy is, in many ways, up to you and your body.

Knowing How to Get a Flat Tummy

Many people–men, women, and non-binary alike–search the internet in an attempt to faithfully answer one question: how to get a flat tummy. In American culture, the flat tummy is indicative of so many things: beauty, fitness, mental discipline, character. I think it’s fair to say that we spend entirely too much time and place entirely too much emphasis on a flat tummy.

And yet, it’s a social standard that’s difficult to avoid. If your tummy isn’t flat, it’s hard not to be acutely aware of that fact. It’s hard not to feel it as a kind of deficiency on your part. So it’s not surprising that, for many, plastic surgery is a rational and considered course of action.

Sure, you can diet and exercise. But natural biological processes can only take you so far. Sometimes exercise isn’t going to work. Often, your body will resist dieting. And sometimes you’re even trying to solve problems that are beyond the scope of natural processes. How to get a flat tummy, then, becomes a question that is–for some–best answered by a plastic surgery procedure.

Will Getting Rid of Fat Help You Get a Flat Tummy?

When you diet or exercise, what you’re really doing is trying to eliminate fat or build muscle. If you’re trying to get a flat tummy that can sometimes be effective. But it’s important to point out that dieting can never be targeted. That is, when you diet, you might lose weight–but you have no control over what part of your body loses weight first. It could be your arms, your legs, your butt–it could be everything else before your tummy.

Now, for some, the dieting will be more about getting healthy than losing weight, so it won’t really matter. But for those who are attempting to flatten their tummies, this can be an excruciatingly frustrating process. They might even abandon the diet altogether.

Getting rid of fat can help you get a flat tummy, though–it’s helped millions of people accomplish just that goal. But sometimes you might need a little bit of help. That’s why some people will elect to undergo liposuction in order to get a flat tummy. But here are the caveats to go along with that:

  • Liposuction on its own is not a weight loss solution
  • Liposuction is only used for body contouring purposes, so you should be around your ideal weight before you undergo this procedure
  • If you are not your ideal weight, you should at least be of a stable weight before getting liposuction
  • Liposuction cannot address (and in fact sometimes creates) issues surrounding excess skin

Will Getting Rid of Excess Skin Help You Get a Flat Tummy?

Eliminating fat–whether through liposuction or exercise–has the effect of producing a significant amount of excess skin. Although, this skin might be created in many other natural ways as well (for example, women who have been through pregnancy often find themselves contending with excess skin around the tummy).

Here’s the thing. However it’s created, excess skin (especially around the tummy) can look an awful lot like fat. This could have two effects:

  • You think you need to lose fat when you actually need to eliminate excess skin (meaning any kind of dieting isn’t going to deliver your desired results)
  • You have lost weight but you haven’t achieved your aesthetic goals, which could be hugely frustrating

In cases where you want to eliminate unwanted excess skin, a procedure called Tummy Tuck is often recommended. A Tummy Tuck will get rid of this excess skin, add some structure to your abdominal muscles, and make your tummy look slimmer and fitter. However, it’s important to know that:

  • Tummy Tuck on its own will not address any unwanted fat
  • Tummy Tuck surgery can have a pretty significant recovery period
  • Whereas liposuction can be performed just about anywhere, Tummy Tuck typically only has one target (although you can get other “lift” procedures performed elsewhere on the body)

Both Procedures Combined

It’s not uncommon for patients to receive both liposuction and tummy tuck procedures concurrently. In some cases, that’s because the liposuction will cause some excess skin issues if not resolved. In other cases, it’s because both issues simply need addressing in order for a patient to achieve his or her desired final results.

Getting a flat tummy, in the grand scheme of things, isn’t nearly as important as maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But there’s no denying its power a symbol. So it’s hard to blame anyone who wants to undergo this procedure and get a flatter tummy. It’s not so much about what other people think, most patients report. It’s more about what those patients think of themselves.

That’s why, when it comes to procedures such as this, it’s not surprising that many patients report a significant increase in confidence and self esteem. And yet, surgery is only part of the equation. The how to get a flat tummy question can be answered in any number of ways. For some, diet and exercise will be the best bet. For others, it might come down to tummy tuck and liposuction.

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