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Summary: Why would I get a non surgical nose job if I liked my nose? Well, if you like your nose exactly the way it is, you wouldn’t get any rhinoplasty procedure, surgical or otherwise. But if there are aspects of your nose you would change, then a non surgical nose job might be able to provide you with some specific benefits. Most prominently, a non surgical rhinoplasty can generate immediate results and doesn’t require any kind of downtime. So you can appreciate your newly transformed nose on the way out the door.

Why Would I Get a Non Surgical Nose Job?

At the root of many conversations about plastic and cosmetic surgery is something simple: motivations. People don’t just want to know what procedure you got done, they want to know why. That’s why today we’re talking about what sounds like a simple question: why would I get a Non Surgical Nose Job?

That’s because so many of these interrogations all boil down to something similar: should I get that procedure too? (Now, I’m not saying that everyone who asks you about your cosmetic surgery secretly wants to undergo a procedure, too–just that sometimes that is indeed the truth. Please don’t lose any friends because of me.)

So, today, we’re going to talk about motivations. Specifically, we’re going to talk about motivations for undergoing a Non Surgical Nose Job procedure. Why would I get a Non Surgical Nose Job? Let’s talk about the reasons!

You Want to Change Your Nose

If you want a non surgical nose job procedure, the best reason for that is simple: you want to change your nose. I cannot emphasize enough how important a desire to change your nose is to the success of this procedure. If you’re happy with your nose, you should not undergo a non surgical rhinoplasty, no matter how much you think other people might like it.

The only person that matters in this equation is you.

A non surgical nose job is designed to create additional, shapeable volume in your nose. Surgeons are able to accomplish this using dermal filler injections (the same type of dermal fillers they might use to eliminate lines and wrinkles in the face). Once the filler is injected, surgeons can shape it (to a certain degree) in order to produce the desired final effect.

The effects from the filler injection are visible immediately. However, those results also tend to be subtle. The best candidates for a non surgical rhinoplasty procedure are those whose issues can be solved by adding a small amount of volume to the nose. If you want a drastically smaller nose, for example, this procedure might not be the best option for you.

You Want Immediate Results and No Recovery

The second reason to get a non surgical nose job is because you want results and you want them now. When it comes to changing the nose, patients usually have two options: surgical and non surgical. (We’re simplifying a little bit, but just bear with me.)

There are advantages to each approach. Because of the nature of this particular article, however, we’re going to focus on the benefits of the non surgical rhinoplasty. Those benefits include immediately visible results and little to no downtime. It’s difficult to overstate how much a difference that is from a surgical nose job, which often requires a long recovery period before you can see the results.

During a non surgical rhinoplasty, you:

  • Come to the office
  • Get injections, which usually takes about fifteen minutes to complete
  • Double check your results in the mirror before you leave
  • Leave the office, being careful not to bump your nose for the next 24-48 hours while the filler sets

The process itself is incredibly simple, giving patients a significant amount of leeway and ease of mind. And it makes the non surgical nose job much more inviting: you can come in, get a consultation, and get results the very same day. That’s hard to beat.

You Want to Take Your Nose Job for a Test Drive

The one drawback to a non surgical nose job is that it tends to be temporary. However, that’s actually a good reason for some patients to undergo a non surgical nose job. Here’s why: many patients look at a non surgical rhinoplasty as a kind of test drive. If the patient doesn’t like the results, he or she can simply let those results dissipate over time.

However, if the patient does like the results, it’s easy enough to make them permanent (either with surgery or with a permanent filler called Bellafill). The point is that many patients will use a non surgical nose job to test out their new noses before committing to a permanent fix.

There are a wide variety of reasons why you might want to get a non surgical nose job procedure. So that question of, why would I get a non surgical nose job, isn’t exactly answerable by anyone but yourself. There are plenty of reasons, yes, but only you can make a final determination. Cosmetic procedures are oddly specifically like that.

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