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Summary: Have you been wondering why you should get a nose job revision? Why do you need a second procedure? Well, the human body is complicated, and even surgeries that go perfectly can rarely produce unexpected results. At its core, a nose job revision is about ensuring you’re happy with the way you look.

What is a Nose Job Revision?

Rhinoplasty can be an empowering procedure, but it comes with a cost. Perhaps more so than any other plastic surgery procedure, rhinoplasty has a long recovery period. That means a lot of swelling, and a fair amount of discomfort. It’s odd to think of that—to think of rhinoplasty as the kind of procedure that takes a long time to heal from.

Part of that is due to how a rhinoplasty (especially an open rhinoplasty) is performed. But it also has something to do with the human nose. After all, not every part of your body heals at an equal rate (your eye is actually the fastest healing part of your body). The more blood flowing to an area, generally, the faster it heals.

And your nose doesn’t, on its own, warrant a high volume of blood flow. So, with all that recovery period, why should you get a nose job revision? Won’t it just add to your discomfort? Well, it might. But it will probably be worth it.

Why Get a Nose Job Revision?

But before we get to the why and the how, let’s talk about why you might get a nose job revision in the first place. Very broadly defined, a nose job revision is when you get a second nose job to correct, tweak or refine the results from the first.

No plastic surgery is going to be perfect, and every human body is slightly different. In many ways, then, a nose job revision is a way of addressing that very natural variability. Because not every surgery is going to turn out perfectly—there are some things surgeons can control and some things they cannot.

A nose job revision, then, is designed to get you as close to your desired final results as possible. Patients may consider a nose job revision for the following reasons:

  • The results from the initial rhinoplasty were not satisfactory for aesthetic reasons
  • A trauma or other disturbance occurred during recovery, compromising results
  • The nose did not heal as anticipated during recovery, compromising results
  • Once the patient sees the results they wanted, they realize another change is called for

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why someone might consider a revision rhinoplasty procedure.

Alternatives to Surgical Revision

Of course, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to avoid a revision nose job procedure. The primary reason is typically due to the long recovery period. Effectively, a nose job and revision nose job are the same procedure; they use the same basic techniques, and your nose has to go through the same basic healing process.

In other words, if you get a revision rhinoplasty, you’re going to have an additional twelve months of healing to contend with. For many patients, that’s worth it. For other patients, it’s cause for some hesitation (understandably). However, surgery is not your only option.

In fact, a Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon has developed a kind of non surgical revision rhinoplasty (his website is here). During a non surgical rhinoplasty revision, a cosmetic surgeon will inject several cc’s of dermal filler into your nose. This dermal filler is the substance usually used to mitigate wrinkles and lines on the face.

But when it’s used in your nose, it can actually change the shape of the areas it’s injected into. In other words, you can change your nose with just a few injections. This means you can get a “new” nose in a matter of minutes—no need to wait on that recovery period.

There are, of course, some limitations. Non surgical nose job only works if:

  • You only want minor changes done to the nose
  • You do not want volume removed from the nose
  • You do not want any structural changes made to the nose
  • You are okay with temporary results or getting regular maintenance injections

Finding Happiness With Your Results

Revision rhinoplasty procedures exist for a very simple reason: being happy with the way you look. The vast majority of nose job procedures yield results that patients love. But if you don’t love those results, you’ve got a few options. You can find a procedure to change it (surgical or not), or you can learn to love the way you look.

There’s nothing all that bad about either option. In fact, the more options patients have, the better. But if you’re wondering why you should get a nose job revision, finding happiness with the way you look is the real answer.

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