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Summary: Wondering if you should get plastic surgery before the holidays? The answer to that question is going to depend primarily on the procedure you want to undergo–and how long you’re going to have to recover from it. Then again, you could always attempt a non surgical or non invasive solution if you need results in a hurry.

Should YOu Get Plastic Surgery Before the Holidays, or Should You Wait?

With summer coming to a close and fall upon on, you might start to wonder about the coming holidays. Specifically, should you get plastic surgery before the holidays? Or wait until they’ve passed? Answering that question is bound to be complicated, mostly because “plastic surgery” is such a broad term.

Getting Botox before the holidays could be easy and simple. Undergoing a facelift before the Thanksgiving might be a little bit trickier. A tummy tuck could be easy to hide, but a nose job could be more difficult to obscure.

You can see how, very quickly, these variables can start to stack up. Add to that the notion that undergoing plastic or cosmetic surgery is a very personal and individualized decision and you can understand why it’s difficult to give out universal advice about undergoing plastic surgery before the holidays. But we can offer some general commentaries (not medical advice–you should get all of that from your surgeon) about what we’ve heard from other plastic surgery patients in the past. Should you get plastic surgery before the holidays? Maybe. It depends on what your goals are.

How Long Does Plastic Surgery Recovery Take?

Almost any invasive plastic surgery procedure is going to require a recovery period.And a recovery period is going to most often be characterized by swelling or by a response to swelling. Some procedures, for example, may require you to leave pumps in place or at least to require a compression garment.

Usually such pumps are removed after a few days or a couple of weeks and compression garments can be relaxed after several weeks. But the point is that there will be some alteration to your behavior and your appearance.

Each procedure is going to require a certain amount of recovery time. And procedures will vary in terms of how easily you might be able to hide swelling or stitches. A tummy tuck, for example, might be easy enough to hide. A facelift not so much. So you might not want to schedule a facelift to occur just before Thanksgiving… you might want to give yourself enough time to heal before the holidays.

Healing is Primary

That’s really what it comes down to: healing. Whether you undergo surgery a week or a month before the holidays, it’s paramount that you ensure you give yourself enough time to heal. That’s important around the holidays for several reasons:

  • Holidays tend to be quite stressful; stress in and of itself can interfere with healing, not to mention all of the negative behaviors or instances associated with stress.
  • For many people, the holidays also tend to be quite busy. Your recovery period should focus on being low key. That can be difficult if you have three different Thanksgiving feasts to prepare.
  • Many people want to look their best for their families (for a variety of reasons that we’re not really going to go into). Giving yourself time to heal can help ensure this actually happens.

Giving yourself time to heal also has the benefit of giving you the best possible chance to achieve your optimal results. Be sure to discuss all of your recovery instructions with your plastic surgeon.

Non Surgical Options

Of course, if you want to get results quickly, you can always try a non invasive, non surgical option. From Botox to Kybella to Coolsculpting, these options abound. Perhaps the most famous is the non surgical nose job, which is a good proxy for talking about the benefits and drawbacks of non surgical approaches.

The primary benefit of non invasive procedures such as the non surgical nose job is that patients see immediate results (depending on the procedure) and usually don’t have to factor in any downtime. So if you undergo a non surgical nose job, your nose will be subtly changed in time for Thanksgiving.

The downside to these non invasive procedures is that they can be somewhat limited. Changes are usually quite subtle in nature. Ultimately, you’ll have to talk to your cosmetic or plastic surgeon in order to determine the best course of action.

Should you get plastic surgery before the holidays? Well, it really depends on the procedure, the changes you’d like to make, and how long you’ll be able to devote to your recovery. In other words, that’s a question that is often best answered by your plastic or cosmetic surgeon.


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About the Author: Dan Voltz is a content writer and marketer who has been writing about plastic surgery for over five years now. He is committed to helping surgeons communicate in a clear and concise way about complex surgical and medical topics.

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