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Summary: Thigh lifts, as a plastic surgery procedure, don’t get anywhere near the coverage that some of the more popular operations do. But they’re still employed by many patients to give them smoother, more youthful looking legs. So here are some tips to get ready for your thigh lift—because while the recovery might be an ordeal, you can mitigate some of the pain and suffering by planning ahead. And you’ll love the results.

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There are many plastic surgery procedures that don’t get much in the way of coverage. Sure, people talk about facelifts and breast augmentation and Botox, and it’s pretty easy to get information on that. But today we’re going to talk about thigh lifts, which you don’t hear too much about on a regular basis. Still, thigh lifts are a relatively popular procedure, and they’re important to talk about because they can also be a pretty intense procedure and your recovery will go a bit quicker if you’re ready for it.

Before Surgery Begins

You want to make sure that you’re a good candidate for a thigh lift before you get too far down the road. So there are some things you’ll want to ask your surgeon. Find out how complications will be handled, where the surgery will be performed, and the amount of experience your surgeon has on this particular procedure. There are also multiple surgical techniques for thigh lifts, so make sure to find out which technique your surgeon will use, as could impact your recovery time.

Short Term Recovery

Immediately upon the completion of your surgery, you might notice a couple of things. First, you might notice a compression bandage on your legs. This will function kind of like a sock that squeezes your leg, and it will help prevent complications like blood clots and minimize swelling. You may also notice thin tubes placed under your skin. These tubes help with the draining of fluids post-surgery.

Long Term Recovery

There’s no getting around the fact that thigh lifts typically have a longer recovery period than something like a facelift or breast augmentation. According to Dr. Bosbous, a Milwaukee plastic surgeon, his patients can expect to return to light activity in 7-10 days. But those Milwaukee area thigh lift patients must wait up to four weeks—and be cleared by Dr. Bosbous—before returning to normal activity. Therefore, having help around the house—even getting groceries—is essential, and it’s vital to line up that help ahead of time.

This can even be as simple as rearranging your bedroom before your thigh lift operation. Getting around your house is going to be a task, so consider putting everything you might need next to your bed (or roll your bed out into your living room). That said, you’re still going to want to make sure you’re giving your legs the activity your doctor recommends.

Your New Legs

That recovery may seem daunting, but most thigh lift patients seem to agree that, in the end, it’s worth it. Many patients notice less chaffing between the thighs and more overall comfort with their legs. But it all starts with preparation. You’ve got to do your research and know what you’re getting yourself into. Talk to your plastic surgeon today and start on the road to your new legs today.

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