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Summary: Getting plastic surgery results with minimal pain and discomfort is what you might call a common goal. Nobody wants to undergo a procedure that causes more discomfort than is absolutely necessary. Perhaps that’s why minimally invasive and non invasive procedures have become more popular than ever. There are certainly many non surgical options for patients.

Getting Results with Minimal Pain

If there’s one thing that most plastic surgery patients and surgeons can agree on it’s that the less pain there is, the better. So many patients are left wondering how to get results with minimal pain. And surgeons are certainly interested in delivering on this particular request. If nothing else, plastic surgery tends to be ore popular when it causes less discomfort.

In some cases, that means offering patients minimally invasive approaches that cut down on recovery time. In other cases, this means a completely non surgical technique. Lately, those non surgical options have been surging in popularity. People love getting results without the need to go under the knife.

But will these procedures actually deliver those results, or are they overpromising? In many ways, that depends on your expectations and on the procedure in question. Certainly, getting results with minimal pain can be a challenge—especially if you want drastic changes. Let’s take a look at what’s actually realistic from this approach.

Drawbacks of Non Invasive Approaches

When considering a procedure that does not involve surgery or which limits the incision size, it’s important to consider some basic strengths and weaknesses. This will vary from procedure to procedure, of course, but there are some consistent threads among all of these procedures.

First, most non surgical procedures tend to yield results in short order. I suppose you could call that a benefit. Results might not be instant—sometimes, such as with a Kybella injection, results could be months off. But in most cases, patients will be able to enjoy their results quickly. Likewise, most non surgical procedures do not require a recovery period (or, at least, feature a very quick recovery).

The drawbacks, however, involve the type of results you can get. Most non surgical procedures have to be very carefully calculated to target one or two specific things. Or, on the other hand, they are only capable of making small and subtle changes. In other words, the limits of these non surgical procedures are most prominently felt in their results. Those results tend to be:

  • Subtle
  • Limited in scope
  • Temporary (although this is not always true)
  • Localized

Popular Non Surgical Procedures

Despite these inherent limitations, there are some non surgical procedures that have proven to be both effective and popular. Those procedures include the following:

  • Non Surgical Nose Job: Developed by Dr. Alexander Rivkin in Los Angeles, a Non Surgical Nose Job is a procedure designed to add volume to the nose with the help of injected dermal fillers. This is an especially useful technique for patients who want to make subtle changes to the nose, especially when those subtle changes mean adding some bulk somewhere. Non Surgical Nose Job can help with the symmetry of the nose. It can help make the bridge look more substantial, and it can even help with a drooping tip. The one thing it can’t do is remove volume from the nose. For many patients, however, a Non Surgical Nose Job is an excellent alternative to surgery.
  • CoolSculpting: It’s not uncommon to find people who, for one reason or another, want to remove fat from a very specific area of their bodies. Fat can be stubborn, sticking around in a way that’s difficult to get rid of and even harder to target. CoolSculpting is a kind of alternative to liposuction, in that it targets fat for elimination—but CoolSculpting does not require surgery. This device uses the power of cold to get rid of fat cells (your skin has a higher threshold for cold than fat cells do). The end results aren’t quite as exact or powerful as a liposuction procedure, but most patients can get back to normal activities almost immediately.
  • Kybella: One of the newest non surgical procedures on the market is called Kybella. It’s an injectable, but instead of adding volume this one actually eliminates it. Kybella has been FDA approved to eliminate fat around the jawline. This means that patients can finally get rid of that double chin—and they don’t have to use surgery to do it. For many patients, that’s a huge win. Kybella might be new, but it’s powerful and growing in popularity.

Think About Your Needs

Whether you decide to go in for a procedure that promises results with minimal pain or you want to get bigger and bolder results from a surgical procedure, it’s always important to go with the what will work best for you. Most plastic surgeons will spend time talking about your desired outcome and the best way to achieve that. Keeping your goals in mind can certainly help you get plastic surgery with minimal pain—whatever that might be.

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