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Summary: Are you wondering how you get a revision procedure once your original plastic surgery is done? In some cases, the process is going to be very streamlined. In nearly all cases, however, that same process is going to be quite individualized. How you move forward is going to depend on how you feel about your results, how you heal, and what you’d like revised.

How Do You Get a Revision Procedure from a Surgeon?

It makes sense that you’d want to get your plastic surgery done right on the first try, but sometimes that’s not the way it goes—for a wide variety of reasons. In those cases, you might need a revision procedure. But how do you get a revision procedure? What are the steps you take to set up a revision procedure?

The answer will depend, of course, on your particular situation. Getting a tummy tuck revision is going to be way, way more challenging than getting a nonsurgical revision rhinoplasty procedure.

In some cases, years will pass before you decide to get a revision. In other cases, you’ll dislike the results immediately. We will take a walk through each of these little scenarios. However, it’s worth noting that our discussion should not supersede that of your surgeon’s. To get a real and accurate opinion on what you should do, you really need to talk to a highly qualified medical professional.

Can You Get a Revision Immediately?

Almost every plastic surgery procedure ends with a satisfied patient. Indeed, the success rates for everything from breast reduction to liposuction are incredibly high—testaments to what plastic surgeons are able to accomplish. However, there are inherent risks to surgery and everything doesn’t always go according to plan.

In some cases, that means—for a variety of reasons—patients may end up unhappy with their results immediately. There are various circumstances under which this might happen. But it’s not unreasonable that patients might want to take corrective action immediately. Unfortunately, in most cases, you will be unable to undergo a revision procedure immediately.

Reasons to Wait

There are several good reasons to wait for your revision:

  • Plastic surgery is going to reset your “baseline.” And any revision procedure will have to take into account what that new baseline is. In other words, you need to wait until you’re done healing so that your surgeon can see precisely what needs to be changed.
  • Swelling needs to go down. Perhaps the most common ailment that patients deal with during recovery, swelling can harm your results and increase your discomfort. But it’s also your body’s natural response to surgery. Ensuring swelling stays down is vital to getting good results, and sometimes that just takes time.
  • Your body needs time to heal. This is really what it’s all about. And this is why, unless there is a significant health reason to do a second procedure, most surgeons will opt to wait until your body is fully healed before agreeing to perform a revision procedure.

The Same Surgeon?

In some cases, you like the results just fine at first. But as time passes, your tastes change. This happens somewhat often with breast augmentation procedures. Patients opt for smaller implants as they mature. This type of revision procedure is relatively common.

Whether you end up going to the same surgeon for this kind of revision—or any type of revision—is really up to you. Though, in some cases, other factors may help you make a determination:

  • Satisfaction: If you are unsatisfied with the original procedure, you may wish to find a new surgeon. In the end, that’s only ever up to you!
  • Time: If enough time has passed between your original procedure and your revision (for example, in the case of breast augmentation), your previous surgeon may have retired. In that case, you’ll have no choice but to find a new surgeon.
  • Specialty: When you want to get a nonsurgical revision rhinoplasty, for example, the best place to get that will be a specialist (it’s unlikely your plastic surgeon will be well versed in performing revision rhinoplasty with injectables). In cases where a specialized revision method is used, switching surgeons may sometimes be necessary.

*It’s not a rule but look for a cosmetic surgeon who took the time to have a specialty website designed for one procedure, much like the revision rhinoplasty website the last section of this article linked to under “Specialty:”.

Uncommon But Worth Thinking About

The need for revision procedures is relatively uncommon. Most patients are quite satisfied with their results from any given procedure (you just have to look at the “worth it” ratings that people post on to get that sense). However, they are sometimes necessary and it is worth thinking about.

One of the primary preventable reasons patients are sometimes unsatisfied with their procedures is because they have unrealistic expectations. It’s more important than ever that patients and surgeons have frank discussions about what each and every procedure can accomplish—complete with illustrations or before and after photos.

The better idea you have about what each and every procedure can accomplish—and how it might be revised later—the less surprising your results will be. Even still, knowing how you get a revision procedure can help ease the mind a bit. And that, too, can increase your overall satisfaction.

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