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Summary: Back to school Botox is more popular than ever. But why would college students, teachers, or even parents choose this particular moment to undergo a cosmetic surgery procedure such as Botox injections? The answer to that question is complex, and depends largely upon motivations particular to each set of patients. In other words, why you want back to school Botox might depend significantly on who you are.

Why Are So Many People Getting Back to School Botox?

The end of summer is quickly approaching, and for millions of Americans that can mean only one thing: it’s back to school season. And this year, people seem to be really interested in back to school Botox. Huh. I guess I was expecting something like new laptops or fancy calculators or something.

Nope. Botox. And Botox is big. Which is cool. Before your mind starts going into overdrive imagining second graders getting Botox injections, we should take a second to point out that this isn’t necessarily a trend amongst youngsters. Indeed, we’re mostly talking about parents, college students, and even teachers. But not kids.

Which is good. So why is back to school Botox a thing? The appeal for college students, parents and teachers will all be different in ways both subtle and substantial. That’s why we’re going to spend a little bit of timing getting into the motivations of each–and why each of those groups looks at this back to school time as the perfect excuse to visit their cosmetic surgeon or medical spa. But if you want to make that kind of appointment, you should really do that soon–because you’re not the only one getting back to school Botox.

Why is Back to School Botox Popular With Teachers?

Teachers have long had a complex relationship with cosmetic and plastic surgery. Mostly that’s because teaching is one of those professions where you’re in front of a crowd all day. We don’t usually think of it like that, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. One of the most significant components of teaching is public speaking.

So it’s no wonder that teachers want to look their best when they get up in front of a classroom. Now, this doesn’t mean that they want to look great for their second graders or tenth graders (or even for their college level Introduction to Composition class). It means that they want to look their best for themselves so they are more comfortable in their own skin.

It’s difficult to discount just how important that level of comfort is when it comes to doing your job well as a teacher. That’s not to say every teacher has to be beautiful or some such nonsense. Rather, that it’s a lot easier to get up in front of a group of strangers when you feel okay with how you look. For some teachers, that means a trip to get some back to school Botox before classes start.

Why is Botox Popular Among College Students?

Though less so today, your typical college student is going to be on the younger side of things. And if you’re younger, why do you need something like Botox, an injectable designed to eliminate wrinkles? The answer is somewhat surprising: Botox has actually been shown to prevent the development of certain types of wrinkles.

In order to understand how that happens, you’ve got to know how Botox works:

  • Botox works because it paralyzes certain muscle groups
  • As you age, certain muscles (those attached to the skin) can get stuck in a “contracted” position–which means your skin gets stuck with a wrinkle.
  • By relaxing those muscles with Botox injections, the wrinkled skin is released and looks smooth (or smoother) again.

How does this help prevent wrinkles? Well, one of the things that causes those muscles to get stuck in the contracted position is extended use. So by reducing the use of the muscle (with Botox), you can stave off the formation of the wrinkle in the first place. You can see why that might appeal to college students who might desire to stay youthful looking for as long as possible.

Why Does Back to School Botox Appeal to Parents?

Parents, who don’t actually do the going-back-to-school, are also big consumers of this back to school Botox trend. Why is that? Well, here’s what I think is happening in this instance. I think parents are looking forward to getting their freedom back, and they’re planning all of the social activities they’re going to enjoy once the kids are back in school.

The summer, for parents, can be quite stifling. The kids are home. All. The. Time. Which can put a damper on what the parents can actually do for fun. That changes when school starts and parents want to be ready for it. Hence, the back to school Botox.

And Botox isn’t the only procedure that parents, teachers, and college students seek out. There are plenty of back to school treatments offered at cosmetic surgery centers and medical spas. So if you want back to school Botox–or something else–that’s the best place to start.

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