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Summary: Hollywood has long been synonymous with beauty, and the stars and starlets who grace the red carpets have unabashedly taken advantage of the multitude of cosmetic procedures available. Sometimes, there’s no denying which celebrities have been nipped and tucked, but other times it’s harder to tell. Let’s dig a little deeper into why it’s becoming more difficult to guess who’s had work done.

Modern Techniques Matter

The world of plastic surgery is similar to most industries in that the technology and techniques available continue to improve and evolve over time. Today’s plastic surgeons have access to cutting edge equipment and modern techniques that allow them to deliver far superior results than surgeons could achieve decades ago.

From new and improved breast implants to advancements in liposuction tools and equipment, developments in modern medicine play an undeniable role in celebrities’ (and everyone’s) ability to achieve beautiful, natural-looking results that keeps people guessing.

Nonsurgical Treatments Can Be Difficult to Detect

The multitude of nonsurgical cosmetic treatments offer endless ways to effectively, yet subtly, improve your appearance. Nonsurgical treatments, such as BOTOX®, dermal fillers and laser skin resurfacing, have exploded in popularity over the last decade. Anyone wanting to refresh their appearance or address specific skin concerns should consider the effective, natural-looking results these and other nonsurgical treatments can deliver. Hollywood red carpets are full of people who love and regularly use these treatments because they can significantly improve appearance without making it obvious you’ve had anything done.

Many people see the flawless faces and beautiful bodies in movies and on television and assume that only the rich and famous can afford the procedures and treatments that can help perfect appearance. The affordable and accessible nature of nonsurgical cosmetic treatments means that everyone can access options that can help you to put your best face forward and feel confident in your body.

A Shift Towards Subtlety

In Hollywood, fashion, hair and makeup styles are constantly shifting and changing, and plastic surgery experiences the same types of trends, the latest of which seems to be toward subtle improvements. Of course, the goal with cosmetic procedures is to alter your appearance, however, it seems that Hollywood is opting for more natural-looking, harder to detect enhancements.

For example, many women are opting for smaller breast implants in recent years with the goal of slightly boosting the bust line without making it obvious they’ve had a breast augmentation. The “Brazilian B” refers to this shift in popularity to more modest implants. Speculation and questions of “Did she or didn’t she?” surround stars like Gisele Bundchen, who many believe has received an oh-so-subtle breast augmentation.

A Broader Definition of Beauty

Hollywood has received criticism in the past for fostering unrealistic body images and focusing on a narrow definition of what constitutes beautiful and sexy. For years, it seemed the red carpet was an endless stream of women, in particular, with the same build, body type and measurements. However, a much needed dose of diversity has undeniably entered the A-list scene, leading to stars who would’ve traditionally not been considered beautiful by Hollywood’s standards now being admired as sex symbols. With celebrities no longer nipping and tucking to reach one ideal shape and size, determining who has or hasn’t tweaked their appearance is much more difficult than it used to be.

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