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Summary: When we talk about cosmetic surgery, we don’t often talk about the feet. But as fashion and style change, so too do the areas where we focus on with cosmetic procedures. If you’re talking about plastic surgery for feet, sometimes you have to discuss Cinderella surgery, so-called for the fairy tale where the perfectly fitting shoe ushers in a happily-ever-after ending. But altering your foot to better fit into your shoes isn’t always the best option. That said, modern shoes show a lot more skin than they used to, so making sure your feet look more youthful is something that’s relatively easy to achieve.

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A New Trend: Plastic Surgery for Feet?

Your feet are incredibly important to your life, and yet, you probably don’t think about them very often. They’re like these invisible thing—you don’t notice them unless they’re causing an issue. Unfortunately, the comfort of our feet often requires excellent footwear in order keep pain at bay. This makes sense, to a certain degree, as we often will literally spend all day on our feet. Especially troubling for women, of course, is that many “professional” or “fashionable” shoes are particularly ill fitting and stressful on the feet. Indeed “heels”—those shoes which have an extended heel, making the legs look longer and the butt look rounder—are particularly damaging to the feet.

In order to relieve the pain, without having to change their style of footwear, many women have taken to so-called “Cinderella” surgery. This elective plastic surgery procedure still isn’t widely performed, as it generally involves either the shaving or removal of bones and even the transformation of the shape of the toes. The point of these surgeries is pretty simple: to fit more comfortably into what are often quite restrictive designer shoes. Of course, if that’s the direction a patient wants to take, then it’s important to find a plastic surgeon who will share your vision and help you complete your transformation.

Changing Your Feet

However, unlike the case with a breast augmentation or a liposuction procedure, there does seem to be a much simpler solution when it comes to Cinderella surgery: alter the shoe before you alter the foot. Of course, that’s not to say there isn’t a great deal of pressure, especially on women, to conform to certain styles and fashions. Wearing less fashionable shoes to a job interview, for example, may put you a step behind the competition (no pun intended). That’s not the way it should be, of course—as we tend to believe that everything should be based on merit. Right or wrong, your clothes—shoes included—allow you to present a certain image of yourself.

Unfortunately, that image sometimes comes at a crippling cost. High-heeled shoes have been known to cause both back and foot problems, and those problems get worse as the heel gets longer. The solution for some women, then, is to alter the foot. However, before such drastic action is taken, you might want to try some other ways of relieving your foot troubles—or, at least making your feet look a little bit better from heel to toe.

Rejuvenating Your Feet

Because that’s the other reality about today’s footwear: sometimes it doesn’t cover very much. Your toes might be exposed, or your heel, or the top of your foot, or all three. The solution there is to undertake a cosmetic procedure (or series of procedures) that will rejuvenate your feet. After all, wearing high-heeled shoes, or any type of stress on your feet—opens the skin on your feet to weathering and aging: you can get wrinkles, dry skin, and tough, leathery skin. This is especially prevalent on the soles of your feet.

However, there are some procedures you can enlist that will help your feet look and feel more youthful. The first is microdermabrasion. According to the website of the Minneapolis microdermabrasion experts at Minneapolis Plastic Surgery, this procedure is designed to damage your skin in a very insignificant way. It takes away the top layer of skin in order to promote your body’s natural healing powers on your feet. In other words, those healing powers kick into overdrive, and when they do, they help rejuvenate your feet. This will leave the skin on your feel looking more youthful and, potentially, with fewer wrinkles.

Better Feet and Better Results

However, sometimes what makes your feet look a little bit older is actually the skin tone. In order to improve skin tone on the feet, you may want to look into some skin peels, which uses a gentle acid to wear away at the top layer of skin. In other cases, you may want to consider a laser procedure. During these procedures, a low-energy laser will even out discoloration in your skin, making that skin look more radiant and more youthful.

Many patients elect to pursue all three procedures in an effort to give themselves a “foot facial” (it doesn’t really have anything to do with your face, it’s just a shorthand for the types of procedures usually performed). These procedures are a great way to keep your feet looking young, so that even if the shoes you put on wear down your feet, at least it won’t show. It’s better than Cinderella surgery, after all.

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