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Summary: You might be thinking, what could go wrong with Brazilian Butt Lift on the cheap? It turns out, there are a significant number of issues that could develop when you decide not to get services from a highly qualified medical professional. Getting your butt lift from a cosmetic or plastic surgeon is the only way patients should be receiving this type of care. So if you’re thinking about a black market butt lift, you should stop. Immediately. Get care from a cosmetic or plastic surgeon instead.

What Could Go Wrong With Brazilian Butt Lift on the Cheap?

Recently, celebrity and artist Cardi B shared a story about how she went to the black market to get a butt lift. The experience, she recounts, was horrifying. And that’s understandable. There’s a safe way to do a Brazilian Butt Lift and a not so safe way. Unfortunately, Cardi B opted for the latter. But she’s not the only one. What could go wrong with Brazilian Butt Lift on the cheap or from the black market?

Unfortunately, someone has to find out almost every year. The news is filled with stories about the consequences of negligence or fraud. The best way to avoid something like that happening to you is to make sure you’re getting your Brazilian Butt Lift from a reputable source.

Because a BBL isn’t just “butt injections.” Fat is taken from your body via liposuction–a surgical procedure–and then injected carefully into your bottom in order to achieve the best possible effect. This can be a labor intensive process, but it’s the best way for patients to get great results. Cutting corners is never a good idea. What could go wrong with Brazilian Butt Lift on the cheap? Let’s find out.

Consequences of a Black Market Butt Lift

To put it bluntly, the consequences from a black market or unsanctioned butt lift can be astronomically high. Patients risk infection, deformity and even in some cases death. These are issues that are exceedingly rare when the procedure is performed by medical professionals in an appropriate venue.

But you certainly pay for safety. The primary reason that black market plastic surgery procedures are so popular is because tend to be less expensive. The money you might save is, of course, the money that would have been appropriated to your safety.

This seems intuitive. But black market procedures are still way too common. There are all kinds of reasons why an otherwise reasonable person might be persuaded to try one of these procedures:

  • If the “surgeon” (using that word very loosely here) is a friend of a friend
  • The patient personally knows someone who has received favorable results
  • The desire to achieve results outweighs potential risks
  • The “it can’t happen to me” attitude

Unfortunately, complications from these black market procedures are relatively common–meaning whatever money you saved will likely need to be spent during your follow up care.

How Do Black Market Procedures Go Wrong?

There are a number of ways that black market procedures can go wrong. In the case of a butt lift, these are often the primary issues:

  • The black market “surgeon” will use a dermal filler or some other kind of injectable (in some horror stories, even something like cement). Obviously, this can cause serious health issues depending on what’s injected into the buttocks.
  • The syringes are not properly maintained or cleaned, leading to a serious infection that could cause significant harm.
  • The procedure is not administered properly, leading to disappointing results or disfigurement.

A Professional Should Give You Your BBL

A Brazilian Butt Lift is an incredibly safe procedure. But it needs to be administered by a professional. That means going to a clinic setting and ensuring you are using the services of a certified (preferably board certified) plastic or cosmetic surgeon. In other words, you want to make sure that whoever is doing the procedure has experience and expertise.

Because a Brazilian Butt Lift is a surgical procedure, even if the marketing for that procedure sometimes refers to it as “non invasive” or “non surgical.” The liposuction aspect of the BBL does involve surgery.

And recovery can sometimes be uncomfortable as well. Patients are usually counseled to avoid sitting for several weeks in order to let the fat “take” to its new home. In order to get the best possible results, you really need to follow your recovery instructions to the letter–and it’s a sure bet that your black market butt lift provider will not be interested in providing those instructions or the necessary follow up care to secure a good result.

The Brazilian Butt Lift is an incredibly popular plastic surgery procedure. That’s what makes it a good model to discuss these black market surgeries more broadly. What could go wrong with Brazilian Butt Lift on the cheap? A lot, frankly. So it’s best not to take any chances with it and get your BBL from a board certified surgeon.

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