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Summary: These days, there is much that is temporary. You can get a temporary nose job, a temporary brow lift, temporary weight loss (okay, that one’s been temporary for a while). Now you can also get a temporary breast augmentation. For a few thousand dollars, a cosmetic surgeon will inject saline into the breast, increasing the size for a twenty-four hour period. There’s little discomfort and no recovery, but is it really worth the money? That’s up to the patient, and what you’re looking to accomplish. If nothing else, it makes for a great test drive of a surgical breast augmentation.

breast augmentation test drive

Breast Augmentation Test Drive

The appeal of bigger breasts can be difficult to ignore. After all, there are daily benefits of having larger breasts, especially if you feel your current size is too small. Most shirts are cut to favor a certain body style, and most clothes are tailored to flatter a certain set of proportions. If you have wide hips or curvy legs, you may feel that your breasts are disproportionately small. The solution for this is usually pretty obvious: a breast augmentation procedure. But these procedures are not always cut and dry, or even simple. There are many decisions to be made.

For example, you must decide how large you want your implants to be. This can be a lot harder than it actually sounds. You might know what you want your final bra size to be, and how many bra sizes you are away from that, but that information doesn’t translate well into a measurement of cc’s (cubic centimeters, used to measure the volume of breast implants, among other things). This is true not least of which because bra sizes are notoriously variable and unreliable. In other words, it can be exceptionally difficult to “preview” your breast augmentation, to get a sense of what size might be too big or too small.

Fifteen Minute Boob Job

Of course, all of that is changing with the introduction of a new procedure, a kind of non-surgical breast augmentation. Sometimes it’s called the “lunch-time lift” or the “fifteen minute boob job”—it goes by many names, no doubt at the behest of marketing-minded cosmetic surgeons. And the basic concept of the procedure seems sound: surgeons will inject a certain volume of saline into the breast. Saline is, after all, basically saltwater and, therefore, an incredibly safe medium to use for the procedure. The breast size is increased for a period of twenty four hours or so, providing patients with a kind of “test drive” for their new breasts size.

There are, of course, a couple of problems with this. The first is the cost. The procedure generally runs close to $2500.00. This isn’t an unusually high cost for a cosmetic procedure, and it is less expensive than any surgical alternatives (indeed, the cost of breast augmentation often gets beyond 10,000.00 quite easily). However, for results that last only twenty-four hours—that are literally gone the next day–$2500 seems a bit steep. It’s possible that as the procedure becomes more common—and believe us, it will become more common, for better or worse—the price will come down.

Price Per Minute

So, if you break down the expenses by day—that is, divide the total cost by how many days the effects last—then a surgical breast augmentation procedure suddenly becomes the more affordable option. Maybe this should not be shocking. After all, surgeons have gotten very good at the breast augmentation procedure. According to the website of the Milwaukee breast augmentation experts at Milwaukee Plastic Surgery, breast augmentation procedures can now be accomplished in a relatively short procedure, followed by a few days of recovery. That means that many patients return to work in a week or so (assuming their work isn’t physically demanding).

It’s true that it takes a number of weeks for all of the swelling to recede and for recovery to be complete—but if you can wait those weeks, then surgical breast augmentation techniques are really the way to go. Most plastic surgeons use a device called an external sizer to give patients a sneak peek at the size of their new breasts. Of course, even sizers aren’t prefect. So, if figuring out the optimal breast size is really that important, then it might be worth the $2500 for the saline-based breast injections.

All About Happy Patients

I suppose the other time you would want the saline injections is any time you need an instant boost. But the fact of the matter is that such a “boost” can often be just as well accomplished by a well padded bra.

So if you’re looking for larger breasts, you have a few options. You can go the immediate gratification route and get yourself a saline injection. It’s a viable, if overly expensive option. Or, if you want results that will last, you can go the surgical route. It’s true that not everyone will want results that last. Sometimes the best results are those that are gone in twenty four hours. Luckily, whatever the results you’re after, it’s likely you can find a procedure that will give you the results you desire. You deserve no less, after all.

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