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Summary: Fat grafting techniques are being used to make breast reconstruction procedures have even more natural looking results. If you a breast cancer survivor, you owe it to yourself to read on.

Personal Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is a very intimate matter, and can have a big impact on the woman who chooses to undergo the procedure. If you have lost your breasts due to a mastectomy, a reconstructive surgery could restore your confidence and give you back the shapely look you had prior to your cancer treatment. New techniques involving skin and fat grafting are making it even easier to recreate a natural look, and women everywhere are celebrating their triumphs with a gorgeous new figure.


Techniques to give you the Look You’ve Earned

Skin and fat grafting are gaining a lot of popularity in the world of cosmetic reconstruction. There are several benefits to adding a skin grafting component to your breast reconstruction procedure:

  • Skin grafting can help with breast symmetry, filling in any areas that may have been lost during your mastectomy.
  • Fat grafting can also be used to sculpt the sunken in parts of your chest to create a fuller, more natural look.
  • The use of skin grafting has the ability to camouflage breast implants, if you decide to go that route with your reconstruction.

This technique is gaining popularity because of how natural the results can be that it creates. Most women who undergo reconstruction after a mastectomy want to return to the way they looked before, and with fat and skin grafting that is absolutely achievable.

Nature’s Best for your Breasts

There is a number of ways that fat and skin grafting can work, but typically fat is harvested during liposuction of a fattier area. Breast reconstruction can be critical to a woman’s healing process, and with the added benefit of liposuction the procedure can be a major confidence booster. After the harvested fat is purified, it is reintroduced into the necessary area and the breasts will begin to take on a more natural texture and shape. This can be an excellent addition to a breast augmentation which can sometimes have less natural looking results. Depending on your desires, liposuction may or may not be performed. Because of this, the risks of your procedure may vary and should be discussed with a doctor before undergoing surgery of any kind. A Milwaukee plastic surgeon like Dr. Mark Bosbous can help you take your next step towards a successful breast reconstruction.  A healthy, safe recovery is a critical component of a successful reconstructive surgery.

Your Reconstruction Story

Every woman who is a survivor has a story that is as unique as she is. Because of this, every woman’s desires for their breast reconstruction will be different. Discussing all of your options with your doctor will give you a good idea of what you can expect from surgery. Breast implants and fat and/or skin grafting can restore you to a place where you can be comfortable and confident once again. The procedures are very delicate and choosing the right doctor will be your best bet at success. Board certified plastic surgeons with experience in the reconstructive field will take care to assure you that your breasts will be beautiful and natural, and that your fight was worth it.

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