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Summary: With the growing plastic surgery for men trend continuing to grow, it should not be a surprise that these procedures are more popular than ever. Plastic surgery for men was once a category confined to gynecomastia surgery. But now it includes procedures such as Botox, facelifts, liposuction, and more. That said, the most popular plastic surgery procedures are those that emphasize a combination of masculinity and youth. You might have certain ideas about what those procedures entail, but you might actually be wrong about that.

Growing Plastic Surgery for Men

For many years, plastic surgery was targeted towards women almost exclusively. Indeed, today much of the advertising and marketing work still favors women, and they make up a not insignificant portion of plastic surgery’s overall demographic. But men are an ever-growing segment of plastic surgery patients, for a wide variety of social and technological reasons. First and foremost, plastic surgery in general is more popular than ever—so, of course, that’s going to apply to procedures targeting men as well. Second, procedures these days actually do target men. This means that procedures are tailored to generate a more masculine end result.

And, of course, men are expected to look good and youthful as they age. Certainly, this social pressure is not as intense for men as it is for women, but it still exists, and it gets more potent every day. Perhaps because of this social pressure, it is also much more culturally acceptable for men to invest in how they look and spend time cultivating that look. For all of these reasons—and more—combined, plastic surgery for men is hitting new heights of popularity. As with other rising plastic surgery trends, there is little reason to expect this trend to ebb any time soon.

Some Plastic Surgery Procedures for Men

So let’s take a look at some of the most popular plastic surgery procedures for men. Now, according to the latest numbers from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, one of the first “for men” procedures to be marketed that way (as enhancing masculinity) is not among the most popular. Gynecomastia surgery, which removes male breast tissue, is actually the sixth most popular plastic surgery procedure for men. In a way, I was (personally) expecting this procedure to be higher, since it does place such an emphasis on masculinity, but that is not the case. Let’s take a look at the top three.

  • Rhinoplasty: The surgical alteration of the nose is one of the oldest plastic surgery procedures around—and it’s still one of the most popular. This is especially true for men who are looking for a more masculine—and yet, more streamlined—appearance. Rhinoplasty can help patients look and feel better about their masculinity. According to the website of the Minneapolis rhinoplasty surgeons at Minneapolis Plastic Surgery, this procedure usually takes a few weeks for initial recovery but up to a year for complete recovery. Still, most patients feel this procedure is completely worth it.
  • Neck Lifts: Men tend to see excess skin accumulate around the neck. It’s somewhat pejoratively referred to as a “turkey neck,” and I’ve met few people who are fond of it. Masculinity is often defined by angles and chiseled features and so on, so excess tissue in the neck can diminish that masculinity. Worse, it can’t be targeted by diet or exercise since it’s only skin. A neck lift is a way of smoothing out that skin, of getting a more youthful-looking neck. For this reason, it’s a popular choice among male plastic surgery patients across the country.
  • Blepharoplasty: As a procedure sometimes referred to as an “eyelid lift,” it can sometimes be surprising to see blepharoplasty so high up on this list. But as we age, skin tends to accumulate around the eyes and it can make us look much older than we feel (not to mention interfere with our eyesight). The solution is an eyelid lift, which removes that excess tissue. After the procedure, patients usually look more alert, more genial, and more youthful. These are all characteristics that many patients like to emphasize, so maybe it shouldn’t be so surprising that this procedure is so popular. It’s also worth noting that the recovery time is quite moderate.

Plastic Surgery for Men Continues to Rise

Plastic surgery for men continues to be popular, and it only stands to reason that this popularity will continue to grow. After all, plastic surgery offers men a way to hold on to their vitality, their youth, and their masculinity long after nature would have diminished those characteristics. And that’s one of the points of plastic surgery—to feel like yourself, your true self, despite how nature would have you look. As more procedures dial into generating masculine characteristics and masculine traits, these procedures will continue growing in both accessibility and popularity.

So if you’re wanting to enhance your masculinity, it may be time to discuss the possibility of using plastic surgery. You can schedule a confidential consultation today and get the process started right away.

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