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Summary: It’s not something we often think about, but many of the men who undergo plastic surgery are looking to enhance their masculinity. One way of doing this is a procedure called gynecomastia, in which male breasts are removed. The cause for these male breasts are often genetic—infrequently are they caused by obesity or being overweight. Once the male breasts are removed, the men who undergo the procedure note all kinds of added benefits that come with their newly increased masculinity. It’s about an increased quality of life.


The Target Audience

Most of us think of plastic surgery as something strictly aimed at women. But that’s not the case these days, as many procedures, even among Ogilvie plastic surgery patients in Chicago, are routinely becoming more and more popular among men. Of course, typically, that’s framed as meaning Botox or other minimally invasive procedures—the lunch break procedures. But men are also opting for more intense procedures, and they aren’t opting for them simply to look younger. Rather, men are looking to enhance their masculinity, in much the same way that a woman might look for a breast augmentation to enhance her femininity.

Three Main Reasons

And that brings us to the procedure known as gynecomastia. Simply put, gynecomastia is a male breast reduction. And there are many reasons why men would choose to undergo this particular operation, but here are some of the big ones.

1. Enhances Masculinity

Just as femininity has certain, often restrictive, behaviors and appearances that define it, the same is true with masculinity. In fact, the feminine association of breasts is often something that male candidates find they desire to eliminate. In some ways, unjust though it may be, to male patients, the presence of femininity equates to the lack of masculinity.

2. Comfort

Just as a woman who is uncomfortable with her breast size may decline to wear a bikini, men who are self-conscious of their breasts may decline to take off his shirt at the beach. Additionally, men’s clothes are generally not designed with male breasts in mind, even though the condition is not uncommon and almost always a genetic condition.

3. Self Confidence

An increase of self confidence is also typically the result of gynecomastia surgery. A good chunk of this self confidence comes from the first two reasons listed above. Generally, if your masculinity is enhanced and your comfort is improved, you will have extra self confidence. Clothes will fit better, and you’ll feel more comfortable in a wide variety of situations (such as the beach).

Quality of Life

Whatever your reasons for undergoing a gynecomastia, you’re in good company. The procedure is generally pretty popular, and the results generally lead to a higher quality of life for patients who undergo the result (in fact, on, 85% of those who have undergone the procedure say it’s worth it).

So if you’re unhappy with your male breasts, there’s no reason to wait to contact your cosmetic surgeon and get rid of them as soon as possible.

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