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Summary: Botox is celebrating its 10th birthday this year, and the product has had a very eventful decade. If you are interested in all the things the injectable can do for you, read on!

A Very Happy Birthday

Botox is an injectable filler most commonly used to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Both men and women undergo the injections in order to look younger, fresher, and more rejuvenated. While the product was officially FDA approved and introduced to mass markets 10 years ago in 2002, the history of Botox is longer than most people even know. If you have experienced the amazing effects of the filler, you know that there is definitely reason for the product to be celebrating.

happy birthday botox

The History of Botox

There is a very long timeline associated with the history of the injectable Botox. First discovered in 1820 by a sausage maker, botulism was speculated to be able to treat nerve disorders and excessive sweating. It took about 100 years for doctors to purify and isolate the toxin in order to really study its potential uses and effects. In 1978 the FDA approved the product as a way to help people who were cross-eyed. By the year 1989 the product was being approved for many other uses, and rights were given to change the official name to Botox. 10 years ago, in 2002, is when we saw the product first approved for cosmetic issues such as correcting fine lines and wrinkles. From there on out it has been amazing to watch all of the other uses doctors are finding for Botox. Currently the product is being explored as a potential help for those suffering from Overactive Bladder syndrome.

Celebrity Endorsements

Over the past 10 years the product has had some pretty A-list celebrity endorsements. There are official spokespeople for the product, as well as other famous faces who have simply been outspoken in the media about their love of Botox. Official endorsers of the past have included:

  • Virginia Madsen, who became Botox’s first official spokesperson in 2007.
  • Vanessa Williams, fan of the product, worked as an official spokesperson of Botox to secure a $250,000 donation to the charity Dress for Success in 2009
  • Courtney-Thorne Smith became the newest official endorser of Botox last year, and revealed in a 2011 issue of People Magazine that she has been receiving injections for over a decade.

Other celebrities who love Botox but are not legally affiliated with the product include: Sela Ward, Jenny McCarthy, Kim Kardashian, Sharon Osbourne, Simon Cowell, Jennie Garth, David Hasselhoff, Lisa Rinna, Kim Catrall, and many, many others.

Blow Out Candles and Sing Praise for Botox

The product has a deep rooted history, and new uses for Botox are being discovered almost daily. There is reason to celebrate this amazing discovery, which has now been FDA approved for 10 wonderful years. Many people who undergo the injections couldn’t imagine the last decade without Botox, and women and men everywhere are still discovering the amazing uses for the product. Whether you are simply looking to smooth out lines and wrinkles, or you have a more serious case, possibly including chronic migraines, excessive sweating, or nerve damage, Botox is here to help.

To learn more about how Botox can be used effectively consult Chicago Facial Plastic Surgeon – Dr. Steven Dayan of SDMD.

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