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why do people want plastic surgery?

Summary: Having been in the public eye for so long, it might be natural to wonder, how does Heidi Montag feel about her plastic surgery transformation? The question leads to some interesting discussion about how long plastic surgery should take—and about those aspects of surgery we’d often be happier forgetting.

How Do Celebrities Talk About Their Plastic Surgery Transformations?

It’s been a few years, so it might be natural to wonder: how does Heidi Montage feel about her plastic surgery transformation now? Once celebrity plastic surgery news flies by, we don’t often check back in at any point. We usually talk about the rumor and then get on with other news. To some degree, that’s how other gossip sites work as well, for better or worse.

That’s why we think it’s great that The Hills star Heidi Montag is talking to Entertainment Tonight about her previous procedures. Back in 2010, Motag had multiple plastic surgery procedures performed in a short span. That can make a drastic transformation—and one that might take several years to fully realize.

So how does Heidi Montag feel about her plastic surgery now? Let’s find out!

The Good and the Bad

Plastic surgery can produce amazing, life-changing results, but it’s not all sunshine and flowers all the time. In fact, one of the reasons why less invasive procedures are all the rage today, in 2017, is because recovery from plastic surgery is easily the least pleasant aspect of the whole experience.

That’s true for Montag, who told Entertainment Tonight that she doesn’t like to think about those days in her life immediately following her procedures. And that makes sense, even outside of Montag’s personal experience (which could have been better or worse than average, depending on what actually happened—you’d have to watch that season of The Hills to find out).

Reportedly, Montag underwent a breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, chin reduction, eyebrow lift, and fat injections (which requires liposuction to perform). Just going down the list:

  • Breast Augmentation: Requires at least a week of rest before you can return to normal, daily activities. Swelling may continue for a couple of weeks.
  • Rhinoplasty: Depending on the extent of the work and the type of incision, patients can experience a recovery process that takes months—swelling can persist for as much as six months (longer in some cases).
  • Eyebrow Lift: This procedures is usually quite minimally invasive and, as such, the recovery period is often relatively short. Out of all the procedures Montag underwent, this may have been the easiest to recover from.
  • Liposuction: Generally, liposuction is minimally invasive. The incision is only a couple of centimeters long. However, because of the way that liposuction is performed, you may have swelling for a couple of weeks after the procedure.

You can see how these procedures start to add up—both in recovery time and in terms of discomfort. The results were worth it, but I can definitely understand why Montag doesn’t particularly enjoy thinking about that recovery process.

Options If You Don’t Like Recovery

Modern cosmetic surgery can give you options if you aren’t a big fan of this recovery process (and these are options that, for example, Montag could consider in the future). According to the website of the cosmetic surgery experts at Carillon Minneapolis, a Twin Cities Med Spa, these cosmetic procedures can create subtle results without requiring significant downtime for patients.

For example:

  • Instead of a Facelift, some patients might like to simply use Botox or a dermal filler to achieve desired results. These injectables do not require any downtime, which makes them quite popular. However, results will be relatively subtle and localized.
  • Instead of Liposuction around the jawline, patients could try the injectable known as Kybella. A fairly recent arrival in the marketplace, Kybella is already incredibly popular. This injectable is capable of eliminating unwanted fat around the jawline, eliminating the dread “double-chin.”

There are more examples, but you get the idea. Non surgical techniques are not quite as potent as surgery itself, but the results can be quite good.

Long Lasting Results

The most important thing when it comes to plastic surgery is that you like the final results—and that you continue liking those final result for as long as they last. That’s why we’re glad Heidi Montag is discussing how she feels about her plastic surgery transformation!

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