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Summary: How can you make your lips bigger if you want to join in on the current trend of larger lips? The solution could be as simple as makeup or as complex as a fat graft liposuction procedure. Which approach works best for you will depend on your desired final results–and how you want to achieve those results.

How Can You Safely Make Your Lips Larger?

Lips are in. And big lips are even more in. There are many, many reasons for this (celebrities and their gorgeous big lips is definitely one reason), and it’s lead to an increased demand for various lip augmentation procedures. Some of those lip augmentation options may end up being more effective than others, in the long run.

And, perhaps more alarmingly, this trend towards bigger lips has lead to a few “home remedies,” which involve potentially dangerous techniques. (The so called Kylie Jenner Challenge is an example of this–teenagers would expose their lips to dangerous suction in order to get them to swell.)

So, how can you get bigger lip if you want them? Well, there are a couple of methods. You should always talk about your options with your plastic surgeon to ensure you’re making a choice that works for you and your body. This blog is here for entertainment purposes–not to offer medical advice of any kind. So if you want bigger lips, the best place to get personalized information is often from your plastic or cosmetic surgeon.

Why Are Big Lips In?

So, big lips are popular. In some ways, that’s new–ushered in by a new wave of celebrity role models. But, in another way, big lips have been in for quite some time. The use of lipstick, for example, has almost always been intended as a way to make the lips appear larger (or, at the very least, to draw more attention to the lips).

And lipstick has been around for… well, for quite some time. Even still, the notion that your lips would be exceptionally large–and round and plump–is indeed fairly new.

Another part of the reason why big lips might be popular is because they have become relatively easy to achieve. In the last several years, new treatment options have come on the market that make lips easier to target and easier to treat. With results being easier to achieve, more patients have begun to look towards treatment. It’s not as though you can really exercise or diet your way to larger lips. If you want bigger lips than you have, you have to start thinking outside the usual body sculpting box.

How to Get Yourself Larger Lips

So, larger lips are popular. The question is, how do you get larger lips yourself? Well, there are a couple of trusted methods:

  • Fat graft: A fat graft is a surgical procedure in which fat is removed from the body via liposuction and then injected into the lips. The fat is processed and purified, of course, to make it safe for the “grafting” procedure. Fat graft has several advantages: it’s permanent and it looks incredibly natural. The only downside is that it requires a surgical liposuction procedure in order to be successful–and that can mean some recovery time down the road.
  • Dermal filler injections: There was a time when dermal filler injections were not so great for the lips. The molecule chains were just too large, and that could lead to some lumpiness in the results. These days, though, there are dermal filler variations formulated specifically for the lips. These injectables use smaller molecular chains so as to more accurately replicate a natural look. Dermal fillers are interesting because the results tend to be quite subtle and temporary. But it turns out that’s exactly what many people are interested in.

Which treatment option you want to go with will obviously depend on your desired results–and your desired method. Dermal fillers are nice in that you get results right away and there’s no real downtime associated with the procedure. But the results are temporary and you’ll need regular injections if you want to maintain those results.

Your Pathway to Bigger Lips

Of course, you don’t even really need surgery to achieve an appearance of larger lips. Makeup has been achieving that particular illusion for decades. And now, new makeup effects (such as contouring) is making that approach even more effective.

That said, if you want your lips to appear larger with an assist from makeup, then a cosmetic approach may be required. Again, it’s not as though you can diet or exercise your way to larger lips. Which means that you might need to choose between a fat graft procedure and dermal filler injections.

It’s a good idea to talk through all of your options with your plastic or cosmetic surgeons. Discuss the pros and cons of each approach, and then make the decision that’s best for your body and for your desired final results.

About the author: Dan Voltz has been writing about plastic and cosmetic surgery for over four years. He is constantly in touch with surgeons to ensure he has the most up to date information possible.

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