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Summary: How common is rhinoplasty around the United States? It’s difficult to put a precise number on the total number of plastic surgery patients living in the U.S., much less on how many of those are nose job patients. However, we can look at the annual statistics and make some educated guesses about how prevalent rhinoplasty has become. After all, it could be that what you’re really looking for is some reassurance that you won’t be alone after your nose job.

How Common is Rhinoplasty?

It’s one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures every year, but how common is rhinoplasty in the grand scheme of things? Maybe you can’t help but wonder, as you’re walking down the street, how many of your fellow pedestrians have undergone a so-called nose job. There are two basic responses to this question.

The first response isn’t meant to be dismissive, but it might sound that way: it doesn’t really matter. What’s more important is you. If you want a nose job, get one; if you don’t, don’t. Beyond that, a rhinoplasty shouldn’t really matter too much to you.

Digging Into Statistics

That response probably is a little lacking. So maybe it would be more beneficial to dig into the statistics a little bit. Last year in the United States, almost a quarter of a million people underwent a rhinoplasty procedure. That’s according to statistics compiled by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. But even that number is only scratching the surface. In order to find out how popular the nose job is, we’ll have to delve a little further into those numbers. How common is rhinoplasty? Let’s find out!

What the Statistics Say

Unfortunately, it’s quite difficult to find out how many people in the United States have undergone a rhinoplasty procedure. There’s no readily available information that says x percentage of US citizens had plastic surgery. But we can make some educated guesses. For example, in the year 2017, nearly 219,000 individuals underwent a surgical rhinoplasty procedure.

Rhinoplasty was the third most popular plastic surgery procedure of the year. That doesn’t tell us how many people are walking around in the country with altered noses, but it does tell us that rhinoplasty is pretty common as far as plastic surgery goes.

But there is some information that is lacking in these statistics–information that might make rhinoplasty surgery even more common:

  • Revision Rhinoplasty: It’s unclear whether these statistics include patients who have undergone a revision rhinoplasty procedure. These revision procedures are usually performed when, for a variety of reasons, patients are unhappy with the results of their original nose job procedure. A revision rhinoplasty is kind of like a “round 2.” If revision procedures are not included in the ASPS statistics, then rhinoplasty may be even more common in the long run.
  • Non Surgical Rhinoplasty: Now here’s something that might actually make rhinoplasty much more common than those ASPS statistics might suggest. A non surgical rhinoplasty is, essentially, the injection or dermal fillers into the nose in order to change its overall shape or contours. Non surgical rhinoplasty offers several advantages over the surgical procedure (and, to be fair, some drawbacks), so it tends to be incredibly popular. But those statistics are not lumped in with the surgical statistics, so it’s difficult to say just how common rhinoplasty is if you include the non surgical along with the surgical.

You Don’t Want to Feel Alone

If you’re thinking about a rhinoplasty procedure yourself, it makes sense why you might be wondering about how common rhinoplasty is. It’s not because you see rhinoplasty as a kind of popular activity and you want to hop on the bandwagon. It’s because you want to reassure yourself that you aren’t alone.

And, of course, you aren’t. People tend to have rhinoplasty performed for a wide variety of reasons. That makes it a pretty darn popular procedure:

  • It’s common for patients to have rhinoplasty performed for aesthetic reasons only
  • It’s also common for patients to have rhinoplasty performed for functional reasons (for example, to improve a deviated septum)
  • Injury provides another common motivation for nose jobs. Many patients undergo rhinoplasty because an injury altered the shape of their noses and rhinoplasty is a way to correct the issue.

Whether rhinoplasty is common in terms of the population of the United States is difficult to ascertain. But rhinoplasty is certainly common enough in terms of absolute numbers of procedures that, should you happen to undergo a nose job, you certainly won’t be alone.

Talk to Your Surgeon

If you want to know more about what rhinoplasty can do for you, contact your local plastic or cosmetic surgeon (whether you’re interested in a non surgical or a surgical nose job may help make this determination). When you talk to your surgeon, you’ll be able to find out how many other rhinoplasty patients have walked through those doors–and ask your surgeon: how common is rhinoplasty around here?

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