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Summary: How do you get natural looking results from plastic surgery procedures that are, by their definition, not natural? Surgeons have spent decades refining various procedures in order to hide their true origin. In other words, surgeons have become quite adept at making plastic surgery results look like natural transformations–so people only notice how great you look, not the work you’ve had done.

What’s the Best Way to Get Natural Looking Results from Plastic Surgery?

One of the most common phrases associated with modern plastic surgery is this: “natural looking results.” At first glance, that can seem like something of a contradiction. Achieving any kind of plastic surgery transformation is going to happen, well, unnaturally. It happens by using surgery. But surgeons have become quite adept at making plastic surgery results appear natural.

And that’s a big deal. One of the most common reasons why some people never undergo a plastic or cosmetic surgery procedure is because they don’t want to look “fake.” That specific complaint arises largely because of the way plastic and cosmetic surgery was carried out in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

But modern plastic surgery techniques are much more sophisticated, nimble, and effective than they were twenty years ago. And, to a certain extent, patient demand has changed. These days, patients tend to be rather emphatic about achieving natural looking results. They don’t want anyone to know they’ve undergone plastic surgery, necessarily–they just want everyone to know they look good. So how do you get natural looking results from plastic surgery? The answer depends on the procedure in question, but there are some basic tips.

Talk to Your Surgeon

The first thing you need to do is tell your surgeon you want natural looking results. I know it almost feels like we don’t even need to talk about this one because it’s so obvious. But it’s not. And we do. Many people will assume–not entirely unfairly–that those natural looking results should happen, more or less, automatically.

And surgeons tend to talk about those natural looking results so often that it’s hard to blame patients for assuming that’s the default setting. The trouble is that even if those natural looking results are your surgeon’s default setting, your surgeon still needs to know what your priorities are.

That’s because any plastic surgery procedure is going to have compromises somewhere along the way. The trick is to make sure those compromises suit your sensibilities and priorities. So if your priority is natural looking results, it’s important to communicate that to your surgeon, so you surgeon knows what your main concerns are.

Consider More Modest Final Results

Sometimes a transformation can be bold and look entirely naturally. But you need the perfect combination of conditions for that to occur–because those results need to align with the rest of your body. That’s why, if you want results that look totally and entirely natural, you might want to consider relatively modest goals.

Now, that’s not the same as “invisible” goals. Transformations can still be–and often are–substantial. The go-to example is the changes in breast augmentation since the early 2000’s. Twenty years ago, the typical breast augmentation was portrayed as having or desiring overly large breast implants.

And while that is still sometimes the case, the vast majority of modern breast augmentation patients are interested in more modest implant sizes–they want the results to look like they naturally conform to your body’s proportions. When you want natural looking results, taking this approach can help secure your success.

Consider Scar Placement

Scars aren’t exactly common when it comes to plastic and cosmetic surgery. Yes, in the immediate aftermath of your procedure, your incision line is going to be pretty noticeable, but it will likely fade over time. Nonetheless, if you want results that look entirely natural, the placement of your incision line is going to be a significant factor.

Whatever your procedure may be, your surgeon is going to know the perfect place to put that incision so that it will get the job done without being too noticeable. Most incisions are easily hidden beneath clothing (or elsewhere on the body). And that’s the idea!

Follow Medical Advice

This article is not intended to replace any medical advice. Indeed, we’re here for entertainment purposes only. So during your consultation with your plastic surgeon, you’ll want to make sure you talk about precisely what you want from your plastic surgery procedure.

Most people these days are asking for natural looking results. How do you get natural looking results from plastic surgery for your body? Well, it depends on your body. But your plastic surgeon will likely have some individualized instructions or advice.

That’s the only purpose of the consultation, after all: to take a look at you as an individual and discuss the best way for you to achieve your desired final results. So if you want those natural looking results, the best way to achieve them is probably to consult with your plastic or cosmetic surgeon.

About the Author: Nick Engebretson has been working as a marketer in the plastic and cosmetic surgery fields for over twenty years. He’s constantly communicating with surgeons to keep up to date with the latest developments in the industry.

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