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Summary: If you want to undo or reverse your dermal filler injections, you’re usually in something of a hurry. That’s understandable. You don’t want to deal with uncomfortable or unattractive results any longer than you have to. So the question quickly becomes: just how fast can you reverse dermal filler injections?

How Fast Can You Reverse Dermal Filler Injections?

You’ve been getting dermal filler injections for ages and you’ve never had a problem. Until now. The regular clinic where you go couldn’t fit you in, so you decided to try this new place. They didn’t have all your records from the other clinic (and your memory is a little fuzzy these days), so everyone kind of just did their best. And the results do not feel as great as they usually do.

In fact, as you look in the mirror, you’ve decided you don’t really like the results. So you call your usual clinic with a pretty straightforward question: how fast can you reverse dermal filler injections? The answer… Depends.

Reversing Dermal Filler Injections

First, it’s important to know that there are some dermal filler injections which can be reversed and some which cannot. To be sure, nearly all dermal fillers are temporary (the exception is one called Bellafill, which is effectively permanent). However, only hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers are reversible.

This means that if you received a Juvederm or Voluma injection, it’s typically reversible. Don’t worry, you won’t necessarily have to keep track of which injectables are reversible and which ones aren’t. Your surgeon or med spa specialist will probably do that for you.

However, if ensuring that your injectable results are reversible is important to you, then it’s vital that you mention that to your medispa staff. It could have some impact on which dermal fillers they decide to use in order to help you achieve your results. The vast majority of fillers are hyaluronic acid-based. But not all of them. So it’s important to ask about this before anyone starts injecting anything.

How Long Does it Take to Reverse Injections?

So if you’re uncomfortable with your results–either because of the appearance or the way it feels–you want to start the reversing process. So how long does it take? Well, here’s how it typically works:

  • Your medspa specialist will consult with you in order to determine your desired outcome.
  • Most medical spas use a substance called hyaluronidase, which functionally dissolves hyaluronic acid-based fillers.
  • The hyaluronidase is injected.
  • Once injected, roughly 50% of total effectiveness will be seen in the first few hours. After that, the rest of the effect will become visible over the next couple of days.
  • It may take several treatments in order to achieve the final results you’re looking for.

So, there’s your answer: typically, you’ll start seeing results within the hour. The only problem is that sometimes it’s not entirely clear where the hyaluronic acid based filler is. And it may also not be clear just how much of it you want to get rid of.

That’s why many providers tend to take a slow and cautious approach. It’s better to under dissolve and have you come back than over dissolve and have you still be unhappy with the results.

Custom Results for Your Face

That said, every patient is a little bit different. Some people will simply want all of the dermal filler removed. Others may want to alter or tweak their overall look so they still retain the benefits of the filler injections. Every patient will be unique (that’s what makes the consultation so very important).

If you have concerns about your dermal filler injections–even if you don’t know whether they are hyaluronic acid-based or not–your cosmetic surgeon is going to be one of the prime spots to get an answer. So talk to your surgeon and see what your custom options are going to be. You can reverse many dermal filler injections. And the good news is that, often, you can reverse them fast.

About the Author: Dan Voltz has been writing about plastic and cosmetic surgery for over four years. He’s constantly in touch with cosmetic and plastic surgeons to ensure he has the most up to date and accurate information possible.

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