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Summary: Knowing how long a nose job recovery takes can help you better plan for this procedure. After all, rhinoplasty has a well earned reputation for requiring a fairly significant recovery period; though, that reputation is a little more complicated than you might, at first, think it is. That’s because rhinoplasty recovery tends to have some very distinct phases.

How Long Does Nose Job Recovery Take in Most Cases?

Rhinoplasty–or the so-called nose job–has a well earned reputation for being a tough plastic surgery procedure. That is, rhinoplasty can be trying for the patient. But how long does nose job recovery take, when all is said and done? Well, that’s one of the parts of rhinoplasty that can be really challenging for patients.

Generally speaking, full recovery from rhinoplasty can take anywhere between six and twelve months. Now, that sounds like a long time–and it is–but it’s important to point out that not all of that recovery is what you would consider active recovery.

A patient will only experience discomfort for a fraction of that six to twelve month recovery period. Most of that recovery is, simply, waiting for swelling to subside. So how long does nose job recovery take for most patients? Well, it’s going to depend a lot on the type of rhinoplasty procedure you undergo and on the way your unique physiology handles surgery. In other words, there’s a great deal of variation in how long nose job recovery takes.

What Does Nose Job Recovery Entail?

Recovery from a rhinoplasty procedure can be a long, often drawn out, process. The reasons for this vary, but the primary factor is the nose itself. It’s just a very slow healing part of the body. (There are a whole list of reasons for that, but suffice it to say, the nose heals quite slowly.)

So what does rhinoplasty recovery typically look like?

  • Week 1: During the first week, patients may experience a significant amount of bruising and swelling (that bruising and swelling may extend around the eyes as well). During the first week, patients are typically instructed to wear a splint around the nose in order to protect it.
  • Week 2: At the end of the second week, patients usually consider themselves “ready for public.” Bruising and swelling recede enough that patients can do normal activities, and the splint has come off.
  • Week 4: After the fourth week or so, you should no longer be able to see the incision from your rhinoplasty procedure. You may, however, continue experiencing some slight swelling.
  • Week 8: At the end of the second month, 90% of swelling should have subsided.
  • Beyond Week 8: This is where things get a little harder to predict. Most patients will experience some slight swelling in the months following your rhinoplasty procedure.

How long your recovery actually takes is something you should discuss in detail with your surgeon. You’ll likely need to check in with your surgeon regularly during your nose job recovery anyway, and your rhinoplasty surgeon will keep track of how well you’re healing.

Is Rhinoplasty Worth the Recovery?

This is… also a tough question to answer, as it very much depends on the patient. A nose job is going to be different for everyone, so the real question has to do with how much your nose really bothers you and how committed you are to changing it.

A rhinoplasty procedure isn’t necessarily more or less intense than any other plastic surgery procedure, though the swelling can persist for a little while longer. But as long as you’re talking to your surgeon and you know what to expect, you can make informed decisions.

For most patients, rhinoplasty will indeed be worth the recovery time. That’s because a nose job is capable of making substantial and dramatic changes to the face. Even small changes to the nose can produce significant transformations, in large part because of the role the nose plays in the overall symmetry and balance of your face.

Learning More About Rhinoplasty Recovery

If you want to know more about rhinoplasty procedures–including what your recovery time might look like–talk to your plastic surgeon today. A surgeon will be able to look at your nose and more accurately tell you how your recovery might proceed.

How long a nose job recovery takes will, ultimately, vary from patient to patient. The trick is making sure that you’re ready for whatever comes your way. The other trick (there are multiple tricks) is to ensure that you follow your surgeon’s instructions closely. Those instructions are designed to protect your results and maximize your comfort.

Want to know more about rhinoplasty recovery? Talk to a plastic or cosmetic surgeon today.

About the Author: Dan Voltz is a marketer who has been writing about plastic and cosmetic surgery for over four years. He’s constantly working with surgeons to ensure he gets the most accurate information possible.

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