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Summary: It might be hard to find a good plastic surgeon in 2019. It’s not that there’s any shortage of surgeons. It’s just that there are so many avenues to look for surgeons these days. Not only can you search the old fashioned way, but you can use Google, Yelp, or any number of social media channels. So how do you know the best way to find a good plastic surgeon in 2019?

How to Find a Good Plastic Surgeon in 2019

Knowing how to find a good plastic surgeon in 2019 can be something of a challenge. It’s not that there’s any shortage of surgeons to be found. It’s just that there are so many ways to find surgeons–and not all of those methods are equally reliable. So it can be challenging to know just which methods for finding a surgeon are going to be your best bets in 2019.

And finding a surgeon that works well with you and your goals is vital to your plastic surgery success. That’s why we’re offering some advice and tips designed to make your surgeon search a little bit easier (and more successful).

This article, of course, is not intended to be interpreted as medical advice of any kind. Our publication is one that focuses on entertainment first and foremost. That said, hopefully this can lead you to ask some good questions regarding the plastic or cosmetic surgeon you have in mind. After all, today’s media landscape can be rather confounding, and finding a good plastic surgeon in 2019 isn’t always as easy as you might, at first, suspect.

Finding a Plastic Surgeon on Google

The first place that most people are going to check as they search for a plastic surgeon is Google. In some cases, you might search based on the procedure you want. In other cases, you might simply search for a list of plastic surgeons near you. In either case, you’ll be presented with a list of options, which you can then investigate further.

When you’re searching for a plastic surgeon using an internet search engine, such as Google, it’s a good idea to look for the following:

  • Reviews: Google will track reviews for many plastic and cosmetic surgeons right in their search engine (and so will other search engines, such as Bing!). These reviews can be very helpful in deciding whether to contact a surgeon, though it’s important to point out that search engine reviews can be exceptionally polemic. Most people are only likely to leave a review if they are very happy or very unhappy, so take those reviews with a grain of salt.
  • Before and after photos: Most surgeon websites will feature before and after photos (though, not all such websites will). These can be especially valuable in helping to determine the overall success rate of surgeons you’re looking into. Even better are before and after photos that show the progression of results over the course of several weeks.
  • Surgeon credentials: Most surgeons will make their credentials fairly easily accessible on their website. It’s definitely worth taking some time to look into those credentials and find a surgeon with the amount of experience and expertise that you’re comfortable with. In most cases, the greater the experience of a surgeon the better (but surgeons with more experience and expertise do tend to charge more for their services).

Finding a Surgeon on Social Media

Finding a surgeon on social media can be a greater challenge than finding a surgeon elsewhere on the internet. In large part that’s because social media platforms do not necessarily thoroughly vet businesses who use them–especially their advertising services. So it’s entirely possible that you could come across an ad that misleads you regarding the qualifications or experience of a surgeon.

That should be an immediate red flag. Reputable surgeons will not mischaracterize their expertise, qualifications, or experience. That’s why you should always follow up on surgeons that you find through social media advertising.

So if you’re going to use Facebook or Instagram to find a surgeon, it might be a good idea to use the search function instead of relying on ads. Additionally, be sure that the surgeon’s social media account is linked to a reputable website, where you can further investigate the credentials of the surgeon.

The Consultation is the Most Important Step

However you find your surgeon, it’s important to remember that a consultation is not a confirmation. That is, going in for a consult does not commit you to a plastic surgery procedure, so if you get a not great feeling during the consult, you’re absolutely within your rights to look for another surgeon.

It’s definitely worth spending some time getting to know your surgeon and getting all of your questions answered. You’ll likely want to find a surgeon that will spend time helping you know more about the procedures you’re interested in and the best way to move forward. Knowing how to find a good plastic surgeon in 2019 is vital if you’re thinking about cosmetic surgery in the near future.

About the Author: Dan Voltz has been writing about plastic and cosmetic surgery for over four years. He’s constantly in contact with surgeons to ensure he gets the most up to date and accurate information possible. This article was written in conjunction with the staff at Ogilvie Plastic Surgery, located in Chicago, IL.

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  1. Agree with the article. These were exactly the steps i followed before i found the right surgeon who will do my breasts. I spent days on the internet searching. But because i was also willing to travel i had so many options. I found some clinics what suited me the most and then picked one. What i really liked when i had consultation with the surgeon at Forme clinic they did not charge me, so i could just try somewhere else. But it went so good and i did not think twice to book myself. Love the result and also my stay at the clinic was great, so the time i spent searching was worth.

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