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While more and more men and women are choosing cosmetic surgery, not everyone feels comfortable talking about their decision with others. Discussing surgery with loved ones before having it done can be stressful, and for some people, even if they are delighted with their results they have a tough time sharing the news. Knowing how to comfortably and constructively talk about your cosmetic surgery with friends, family and co-workers can be a big help.

Include Those You Care About in the Decision-Making Process

Ultimately, the decision to improve your life through cosmetic surgery is a very personal one, and hearing those closest to you voice their opinions or question your choices can feel intrusive. That said, family and close friends often become invested in your well-being, and making a life-changing decision like cosmetic surgery without telling them can stress a relationship.

Often, concerns and fears arise from misinformation or lack of knowledge about a certain procedure. While you may have spent time researching and comparing breast augmentation options or liposuction methods, those you’re talking to about the decision may know nothing more than myths and exaggerations. Sitting down and having a comfortable conversation with those closest to you—to answer questions and share why you made your decision—can help ease the tension.

Have Someone Come with You during Your Consultation

There’s a good chance a family member or friend may offer to join you during your consultation. Doing your own research is one thing, but having a surgeon detail a procedure and outline what you can expect can be a lot of information to digest.

Having someone else there to ask questions that you might not have thought of is a good idea. And the moral support of a friend or family member can instill confidence and make a procedure feel less intimidating. Also, it’s easier for an outsider to understand what you’re getting yourself into when this person has heard a few facts straight from the surgeon’s mouth.

Know What to Expect from a Procedure

Going hand-in-hand with a comfortable consultation, being able to explain your desired results and forecast to others what they can expect after a procedure is invaluable. When someone hears you talking about breast augmentation, their first thought may be to immediately imagine the high profile, disproportionate implants of the past.

Sometimes, all it takes to put people at ease about your cosmetic surgery is showing them what you want to look like and explaining how a certain procedure will help you achieve the look. Have some photos available and even some inspiring quotes from people who have had the procedure you’re considering. RealSelf can be a great source of inspiring stories and helpful photos.

Weigh the Risks and Benefits Openly

It may sound counterintuitive, but sometimes it’s easy to get carried away imagining the benefits of a procedure and forget about considering the risks. While you may have your eyes on looking more youthful and feeling more confident, others may be asking whether elective surgery is really right for you or may be concerned that you’ll look too different after surgery. Often, explaining why you want a procedure done and being able to bounce benefits and risks off of someone else helps them see why it’s so important to you.

Try Not to be Defensive

Before or after a procedure, it can be easy to get defensive if someone you care about disagrees with your decision. Remember, misinformation can fuel fear, and discussing your procedure openly and calmly is productive for everyone involved. Take your time, know your facts and emphasize why you feel you’re making the right decision for your health and happiness.

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