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Summary: Summer is coming (we promise!) but for some of us that means excessive sweating. If you suffer from Hyperhidrosis, there are treatment options available.


Sweating the Small Stuff

Most people who have what is known as “hyperhidrosis” probably just think they sweat a lot and then suffer in silence. It is for you that we put together this resource on what hyperhidrosis is, and what can be done about it. If you sweat excessively to the point where it is interfering with your life you do not have to deal with this issue on your own. Many in the Midwest deal with this issue, but actually, Milwaukee hyperhidrosis treatment (which is similar to treatments in other cities) is relatively painless and your “recovery” can be as fast as 5 days or less!

Hyperhidrosis 101

Hyperhidrosis is the technical name for excessive perspiration. The issue can cause unpredictable and excessive sweating in areas such as the underarms, hands, feet, and brow. This debilitating condition often causes people severe anxiety, and can lead them to trying over the counter remedies that just don’t work. The truth is, you have options… but over the counter drugs should be last on your list. The best bet for your excessive sweating is either BOTOX® injections, or “axillary shaving.” We’ll get to what that all means next, but for now just take a deep breath and know that your crazy sweat issues are about to be gone forever.

Weighing Your Options

In the world of cosmetic and plastic surgery there are typically 2 roads: surgical, or non-surgical. Excessive sweating is no different. There are two main options for your treatment depending on the severity of your condition and how far you’re willing to go to stop your sweat:

BOTOX® injections: The great news is, BOTOX® has been FDA approved for the treatment of excessive sweating in the underarms, feet and hands. While the treatment is very successful, patients should know this is not a permanent solution and the process will likely need to be repeated every 4-6 months.

Axillary shaving: This slightly more invasive surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure and only takes approximately 1 hour to complete. Making a few small incisions hidden in the underarm crease can allow your plastic surgeon to remove sweat glands under the skin. (Note: Underarm hair follicles are generally unaffected by the procedure.)

Hopefully you understand now that the world is your oyster when it comes to stopping your sweat. If you’re relieved to hear that you no longer have to suffer from excessive perspiration all summer long, contact a hyperhidrosis treatment professional like Dr. Bosbous at Milwaukee Plastic Surgery today!

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