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Summary: Women’s breasts usually finish developing in their early 20s, but the breasts will continue to change throughout your lifetime. Pregnancy and breastfeeding can both bring about a number of transformations in breast appearance, as does menopause. Fluctuations in weight can also impact how the breasts look, causing changes to the skin and breast tissue. This shift in breast appearance can cause you to look much older than your years.

Life’s Changes Affect the Breasts

As women age, hormonal levels shift. The body begins producing less estrogen, a reproductive hormone that helps keep skin supple. A reduction in estrogen results in skin that is less elastic and can cause breasts to stretch and sag. Some women start to experience breast sagging early in life, particularly if they have naturally generous breast volume.

The combined effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding can also impact the breasts. The associated fluctuations in weight can leave breasts looking droopy and deflated. The nipples can also shift in position, the areola may become enlarged and stretch marks can develop. All of these factors can impact your overall appearance and make you look older than you feel, which can take a toll on self-confidence. However, there are a number of breast enhancement procedures that can address these common breast changes.

Perking Up Your Figure with a Breast Lift

A breast lift, also known as mastopexy, is a procedure that corrects sagging breasts. This cosmetic surgery removes excess skin and reshapes the breasts while elevating them to a more youthful position, lifting your breasts as well as your spirits. A breast lift can also reposition the nipples or resize the areolas.

This common enhancement procedure has become increasingly popular as more and more women realize the benefits of a breast lift and its potential impact on their self-image. However, a breast lift does have its limitations, so more than one procedure may be necessary to address all of your goals.

Boosting Size with Breast Augmentation

A breast augmentation uses implants to restore volume and fullness to breasts that have been impacted by life changes, or that never developed as fully as you would have liked. Saline and silicone implants come in a wide array of sizes, shapes and types, ensuring that each woman who wants to improve her breast appearance can find the look that best suits her. Not only can they increase size, breast implants can enhance the shape and projection of the breasts and help to balance your overall figure for a curvier and more proportionate silhouette.

Neither a breast lift nor a breast augmentation should interfere with your ability to successfully breastfeed, but pregnancy and nursing may significantly alter the shape and position of your breasts. Although some women choose to have cosmetic surgery on their breasts in between pregnancies, others prefer to wait until they have completed their family to ensure that their results are as long lasting as possible.

Combining Procedures

Some women benefit from combining a breast lift with breast implants. Ideal candidates for a breast lift or augmentation are healthy women who have realistic expectations of what the procedures can offer. Bringing these two procedures together can solve several problems at once, correcting droopy breasts while also boosting volume. Both breast enhancement procedures can be performed at the same time and can complement one another beautifully.

If changes in your breasts have made you feel self-conscious or make you look older than you feel, a breast lift on its own or in combination with a breast augmentation may be the perfect solution.

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