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Summary: Is cold weather or warm weather better for cosmetic surgery? There are some parts of the world that are always warm–and some parts that are always cold. But most of the world exists somewhere in between. So it can be a good idea to learn whether climate will have any impact on your results.

Which is Better for Your Cosmetic Surgery: Warm Weather or Cold Weather?

Cosmetic surgery can be performed in any season, under any weather. But will warm weather or cold weather be better for your cosmetic surgery results? To a certain extent, that just might depend on which cosmetic surgery procedure you’re undergoing. After all, something like Coolsculpting works on entirely different principles to something like Kybella, even though they both eliminate unwanted fat.

So will Coolsculpting work better in the cold, or will Kybella? Is there even a difference? To a certain extent, the answer to this question varies considerably from patient to patient because it all really depends on, well, how much time you spend outside.

If you’re just walking to your car and back, cold weather isn’t going to have any impact whatsoever on your cosmetic surgery results. And the same is largely true of warm weather. That’s not to say there will be no effect from weather, just that on the list of variables you use to make your decision, there are probably much more important things than weather. That said, it might be good to know what kind of weather variables you’re in for when it comes to selecting any given procedure.

When is Cold Weather Better for Cosmetic Surgery?

There are some cosmetic procedures that might be slightly better served by cooler weather. Coolsculpting, for example, is a procedure designed to eliminate excess fat by freezing (and therefore breaking down) fat cells. Because the basis of the procedure is cold temperatures, walking from your Coolsculpting procedure into steaming hot temperatures may slow down the rate of your fat breakdown.

However, the fat will already be mitigated. So it’s not as though your Coolsculpting will always necessarily be more effective in the winter or be completely ineffective in the summer. It’s just that, on the very edges of the margins, Coolsculpting might thrive a bit more in cold temperatures.

Botox might be another one where cold temperatures are just marginally a bit better for controlling your results. But that has more to do with how your body responds to warm temperatures. When you’re warm, your blood vessels expand. If you’re trying to keep a Botox injection in one place, this can present a problem. In warm weather, Botox injections are slightly more likely to expand in scope. That doesn’t mean you should avoid Botox in the summer–it just means you need to be slightly more cognizant of your activities (especially exercise) after your Botox injections when the weather is very warm.

When is Warm Weather Better for Cosmetic Surgery?

So when is warm weather better for cosmetic surgery procedures? In general, cooler weather is better for cosmetic surgery recovery periods (though, this is not necessarily true of exceptionally cold weather). Heat and swelling, for example, don’t really play nice together, mostly because of the way your body reacts to warm temperatures.

But there are some procedures that are popular in the summer months. Coolsculpting, for example, is also popular in the summer because it’s a way to get results in short order (six weeks to see your results really isn’t all that long of a time for a non invasive procedure).

And even procedures such as HydraFacial are exceptionally popular in the summer because of the way they replenish and rejuvenate the skin. And in the summer, your skin could really use that kind of pampering. That makes facials generally–and HydraFacial in particular–exceptionally popular during the summer months.

Surgeons Are Used to Dealing with the Weather

Look, all of this is going to break down if you move in an extreme enough direction. Eventually, weather that is cold enough will be bad for your procedure no matter what procedure you’ve undergone. Same thing with heat.

And the other fact of the matter is that cosmetic surgeons are well versed with the weather in your area. They’ll have a good feel for how climate might–or might not–affect your overall results. In other words, weather might have an impact, sure, but your surgeon will be well versed in how to mitigate any real effect that weather might have.

So is cold weather or warm weather better for cosmetic surgery? On the one hand, it depends on the procedure in question. On the other hand, there will be little actual difference, as your surgeon will generally have a very good idea of how to minimize and control any impact the climate might have on your results.

About the Author: Dan Voltz has been writing about plastic and cosmetic surgery for over four years.

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