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Summary: Is Liposuction the right weight loss method for you? Well, that will depend on your situation. Generally speaking, though, liposuction is intended more as a body contouring procedure than it is as a weight loss procedure. Body contouring can general more natural-looking results

Is Liposuction the Right Way to Lose Weight?

Liposuction is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures on the planet, and it’s almost always in the “top 5” procedures as compiled by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. That’s especially true now, as liposuction has become much more adept at generating subtle, natural looking results. (Some surgeons call this “liposculpting.”)

But is liposuction a weight loss solution? Well, that’s kind of a tough question to answer, as much will depend on your unique situation–and your physiology. There’s no one universally right approach for everyone.

When Is Liposuction Most Often Used?

Thinking of liposuction purely as a weight loss method is, to a certain extent, to misunderstand the primary use of the procedure. Generally speaking, liposuction is considered to be a body contouring procedure. Now, what does that mean? In this context, a body contouring procedure is one which changes the shape or appearance of various aspects of the body.

That’s a little vague, so we’ll put it in different terms: a body contouring procedure is designed to help you achieve the aesthetic shape you want–not necessarily help you lose weight.

But sometimes to achieve the look you want, removal of unwanted fat is necessary. That isn’t always possible via diet and exercise. Indeed, in many cases, your body can stubbornly hold on to areas of fat no matter how hard you work out or watch what you eat. These stubborn areas of fat will simply stick with you no matter what–unless you undergo surgery. It’s most often these stubborn areas that are the most potent target for liposuction procedures.

How Does Liposuction Work?

The actual liposuction process is, perhaps, deceptively simple. A surgeon will make a small incision (usually no larger than a couple of centimeters). And then the surgeon will insert a small cannula (a little tube, basically) into that incision. The cannula will then be moved back and forth in a quick manner in order to suction out the targeted fat.

Liposuction is sometimes augmented by other technologies, such as heat or sound waves or even laser assistance. Some of these technologies are designed to break down the fat to make it easier to suction out in a controlled way.

The idea is that liposuction is not simply bulk fat removal. Indeed, such an approach can lead to results that patients are not particularly happy with. An unthoughtful approach to liposuction can create unwanted bulges or contours. But what liposuction patients want are results that look natural–that conform to the curves and contours of the body in a realistic and believable fashion.

Treating Specific Areas With Liposuction

Ultimately, that means that most people use liposuction in a limited way–a way that highlights their body and contours. Which means that fewer and fewer people use liposuction as a weight loss method. Indeed, for the best possible results, most people are encouraged to maintain a stable weight or be close to their ideal weight.

If your goal is simply to lose weight, there are other surgical options that may work better (bariatric surgery, for example). You should always discuss your desired outcomes with your surgeon to ensure you get the best personalized advice possible (this article, for example, is not intended to offer medical advice and is, instead, meant for entertainment purposes only).

In most cases, then, lipo is used to treat specific areas. But that doesn’t mean it’s limited. You can treat your arms, your legs, your tummy–just about anywhere that has fat can be treated with liposuction. So it all depends on where that unwanted, stubborn fat is hanging out. Is liposuction the right weight loss method for you? Probably not. But it just might be the right method for contouring your body the way you want it.

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