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Summary: Not everyone who undergoes breast augmentation wants huge results. If your chest is non-existent and you just want to look a little more filled out, implants may still be for you.

Teeny Weenie

Not all of us are blessed with naturally voluptuous breasts, and the reality is- not all of us want them anyway. There is a “big” movement these days towards smaller breast implants because women just want to look more feminine, not necessarily that feminine. If you are interested in implants but only want to go up a few cups or less, don’t rule out plastic surgery quite yet.


Small Love

Many women (and men!) love the look of smaller breasts, and why wouldn’t they? They’ve got all the benefits of breasts with hardly any of the annoying downsides. They aren’t hard to carry around, they look good in just about any clothes, and if you’re not feeling wearing a bra one day it’s not the end of the world. The key here though is having breasts that are the perfect size for you. If you are flat-chested you know there’s really is a “huge” difference between an AA cup and a comfortable B cup. Staying true to yourself will be the key when it comes to a successful breast augmentation.

What You Need to Know

New Jersey breast augmentation experts at East Coast Advanced Plastic Surgery urge clients to really think about the size, shape and placement of their implants before going under the knife. If you have a great plastic surgeon, they will likely work through these issues with you to insure that you receive the results you desire. When thinking about size, consider the following:

  • Size: Breast implants are typically made with either a saline or a silicone filling. We’ve all heard about this before, but the decision between the two may affect the size. Implants filled with saline can be customized to be any size you wish… silicone implants typically come in pre-determined sizes. Silicone will guarantee you’ll end up the exact size you wish, but saline is much more individualized if you’re looking for a size that is less “standard.”
  • Shape: Once again, silicone vs. saline affects the shape of your implant. Many believe that silicone is more “natural” to the touch as well as in appearance. If you’re not trying to look like you’ve got implants, silicone may be the best choice for you.
  • Placement: The placement of your breast implant will affect the “passability” of your breasts also. If you get them placed too high or too low, they may not look as real. Many who go for the big guns (so to speak…) like a higher placement, however natural is the way to go if you’re seeking out a smaller set.

Love your Breasts No Matter What

We always encourage our readers to love their bodies no matter what. Remember, small breasts need loving, too! Talk to a plastic surgeon today about your future implants, no matter what the size.

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