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Summary: You might have been reading the news lately and wondered if Janice Dean’s plastic surgery was botched. After all, she ended up with some problematic results that she’s still working through. In many cases, the more you know about possible side effects, the better prepared you’ll be for any plastic or cosmetic surgery procedure.

Was Janice Deans Plastic Surgery Botched? Probably Not

A couple of days ago, a Fox News meteorologist confessed to having some cosmetic surgery performed—so was Janice Dean’s plastic surgery botched? Did something go wrong with her procedure in a way that will have permanent repercussions? The only ones that know the definitive answers to that are Dean and her plastic surgeon.

Janice Dean underwent a procedure called Fractora, which is a fractional radio-frequency skin treatment designed to improve overall skin tone (and in some cases to tighten skin). Essentially, fractional treatments will cause physical damage to a small percentage (or a small fraction, hence the name) of the treated area. The skin’s natural healing response, then, is enlisted to help rejuvenate the area.

Dean’s results—and the recovery time involved—did not go according to plan. Is there a reason for this? And how can you prevent something similar from happening to you?

Janice Dean’s Bad Experience

It’s worth noting that Dean herself writes quite eloquently and humanely about her entire experience. It’s definitely worth taking the time to check out. So what, exactly, happened? Well, according to Dean, her surgeon told her (after the surgery) that her type of complication affects somewhere between 1-2% of all Fractora patients.

That’s not very many. But when you’re in that 1% or 2%, it can be quite distressing. Dean was expecting 5 days of recovery and she’s somewhere around week 9 now. For any patient, that kind of disconnect between expectations and reality can be rather jarring—and the results, therefore, disappointing.

And in that way, it’s worth noting that Dean did just about everything right. She was clear on what her expected results should be and, when things didn’t look right, she consulted with her surgeon’s office. Those are the right things to do when you encounter any complication from any procedure.

How Common Are Complications?

Complications from plastic surgery procedures are relatively uncommon. Each procedure is going to have its own “rate” of complications. Usually that rate will increase in line with the complexity of the procedure.

For example, a breast augmentation is going to have a different ratio of complications than will an injection of Botox. That’s to be expected. There’s also a random element to complications—or, perhaps, individualized. What I mean by that is sometimes complications will simply depend on your own unique body, the way you heal.

It’s important to discuss all potential complications with your cosmetic or plastic surgeon. There is simply no one who will be better informed about what might happen during your procedure. Your surgeon will also be able to tell you how likely certainly complications might be. This conversation usually happens during the consultation period.

How Can You Avoid Complications?

Dean had a very common reaction to her bad experience: she started to blame herself. But there was nothing that Dean should or should not have done better in this situation. She’s doesn’t seem to be at fault. However, you might be left wondering what you can do to help avoid complications.

Some useful tips for avoiding complications might include:

  • Discussing all possible outcomes with your cosmetic or plastic surgeon
  • Researching your procedure in depth, in various areas
  • Getting multiple opinions on a given procedure
  • Looking at before and after images
  • Following your surgeon’s instructions quite carefully (both pre-op and post-op)

We’re not saying that following these instructions would have prevented Dean’s bad experience. Like we said, it seems like Dean did everything right and casting any blame her way is not something we’re going to participate in. Rather, we mean these tips to help you prevent bad experiences as much as possible.

It’s also worth noting that these tips will vary greatly from procedure to procedure. If you ask about them, most plastic surgeons will discuss complications. For example, on the website of Minneapolis Plastic Surgery, the complications of nose jobs performed in Minneapolis are clearly articulated.

Unforeseen Complications Remain Uncommon

Technically, the bruising and swelling that you see after most procedures is a complication. However, those complications are slightly different because we are able to anticipate them. Unanticipated complications, however, can be a real bummer.

If you encounter unforeseen complications, you should contact your surgeon or a medical professional immediately. Was Janice Dean’s surgery botched? No, but she did run into some unforeseen complications. And then she did all the right things. It’s definitely a story that we could all learn a little bit from!

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