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Summary: Halle Barry is just one of the famous faces drawing attention to the jawline. By combining cosmetic and sculpting procedures you can achieve the famous face you desire!

Famous Faces

A recent article in Marie Claire magazine awarded superstar Halle Barry with the “most wanted jaw line.” Chances are your jawline is something that you have analyzed to death but thought there wasn’t much that could be done to correct it. Luckily, you just didn’t know about jawline sculpting surgery! Nothing is too tough of a match for a good cosmetic surgeon, and if you are in envy of Halle’s face like the rest of us are, you’re in luck.

Combination Effort

Our jawline is what defines our overall face shape. A strong jawline can send the signal of a strong, confident inner self. If you suffer from loose jowls, and undefined chin, or a jawline that isn’t quite perfect, cosmetic surgery to these areas of the face may change the entire message you are sending when you look at people. Because of this, oftentimes jawline surgery is combined with other enhancements, such as chin implants (2012’s hottest cosmetic surgery trend!) or a facelift to work on correcting the total package.

Steps to Success

One of the most effective ways to change the jawline is through liposuction. Removing fat from the area around and under the chin will dramatically change the shape of your face immediately. After that is done, tightening of the muscle can help to create a smooth, youthful look. If your chin is an issue, a chin implant can be inserted at this time. Doctors will take good care to examine your face shape and listen to your needs before surgery to assure that your final results are the ones that you are hoping for. When undergoing plastic surgery to the face, it is important to remember that your results can be dramatic, so having a clear understanding of your final goals is key.

A Serious Look

Jawline sculpting can produce fun and beautiful results. The more you understand your surgery, the better off you will be.

  • Because facial surgeries can be invasive, sometimes a general anesthesia may need to be used. Sometimes, however, localized anesthesia is enough and in those cases the procedures are also a lot less invasive with a lot shorter recovery times.
  • The length of your recovery and the amount of risk associate with your procedure will all depend on what is being done to your face.
  • For those seeking dramatic results, slightly more healing time should be expected.
  • Botox, or other injectable fillers, can be administered at the time of your surgery if your goals are related to anti-aging. Talk to your doctor about whether derma fillers can be administered during your procedure.

Reasons to Smile

If you envy Halle Barry, Marie Claire Magazine’s “most wanted jawline,” you can absolutely achieve a look similar to hers through cosmetic surgery. Knowing which combination of procedures will be necessary is something that your plastic surgeon will discuss with you during your one on one consultation. Bringing in pictures of your inspirations can help guide your doctor to giving you the results you desire. A celebrity-inspired face is achievable with jawline surgery!

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