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Summary: Whether you’re looking for Hollywood, Florida, or Minneapolis breast surgery, you’re probably doing so for a variety of reasons, none of which fit into the easy stereotypes that often get bandied about when it comes to breast augmentation procedures. That’s why we like what Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco has been saying about her breast augmentation procedure, as it echoes the sentiment of the vast majority of women who undergo the procedure: satisfaction and improvement in overall quality of life. According to research, breast augmentation is a procedure that can lead to a definite improvement in confidence, self-esteem, and happiness—for a variety of reasons.

Minneapolis breast surgery can often provide great results

Celebrities and Breast Augmentation

We spend a lot of energy in this industry wondering whether person x or celebrity y has had plastic surgery performed. In some ways, it’s wasted energy—it’s fun to think about, for sure, but our idle speculation does little to get to the truth of the matter. That’s why it’s refreshing when a celebrity is upfront about the work that he or she has had done. It helps us, as an audience, maintain some realistic expectations (listen—even without plastic surgery, Hollywood is incredibly fake, mainly, because of the wonders of make-up). But it’s not always a risk-free proposition for celebrities to admit what is somehow the best-known dirty little secret in the world.

Kaley Cuoco, however, is rather unapologetic for the work she’s had done. In a recent interview with Redbook magazine, the Big Bang Theory star talked openly about a procedure that, frankly, she’s been quite open with from the beginning. During the interview, Cuoco mentions that she’s exceptionally happy with the results of the procedure, as she had “no boobs” and felt “ill-proportioned.” While the common perception of breast augmentation candidates is the attention-seeker, this is more stereotype than reality. Indeed, many women who are seeking a breast augmentation do so because of a feeling quite similar to the one Cuoco expresses: a feeling of being ill-proportioned.

Breast Enhancement and Body Proportion

In many cases, breast augmentation is designed to work in proportion with the body. It’s true that many women seek out larger breasts because they want to have proportionately larger breasts. We’re not judging that—in fact, we think it’s just as valid a reason to get a breast augmentation as any other reason. Indeed, women who want larger breasts often desire that look not necessarily because of the attention it will bring (honestly, when it comes to breast augmentation, the attention of men after the procedure often matters very, very little)—but, rather, because of the boost of confidence and self-esteem that comes along with it.

There is plenty of research, after all, to support the notion that women who have had breast augmentation procedures performed enjoy an increased quality of life afterwards. Part of this due to, well, let’s call it confirmation bias. Here’s what I mean: the women who want breast augmentation are the ones who get it. Generally, women who don’t want the procedure done don’t ever undergo that procedure. So, for those women who want a breast augmentation, the procedure is meeting the requirements and the expectations—and those expectations include a change in profile and a change in proportion.

Different Sizes for Different Women

Indeed, most women who undergo breast augmentation report definite changes in the way that they feel about themselves. And, of course, there are several options when it comes to how to achieve that transformation. Some women opt for a subtle breast augmentation (speaking of celebrities, there were rumors not long ago that Nicole Kidman had such a subtle breast augmentation operation, to great effect). This can provide a nice, mysterious boost to your figure without drawing too much attention to your bust.

Sometimes, however, women opt for a larger size. In fact, there are two basic complaints about breast augmentations when they are finished—that the breasts are too large or that the breasts are too small. Plastic surgeons try to give women a feel for what the new breasts will look like by having them wear specially designed bras, but sizing is really more of an art than a science (an experienced eye really helps in this regard). However, your plastic surgeon will generally make size recommendations based on your overall frame—especially the width of your shoulders.

Your Breast Augmentation Will be Up to You

Everyone is different, and all expectations are unique and need to be managed. However, one thing that remains pretty consistent is the same basic attitude mentioned by Cuoco: a feeling of renewed harmony (and satisfaction) with the body. Sure, there are dangers of a kind of peer pressure mentality here (having the body people expect you to have instead of the one that is unique to you)—but for most women who pursue plastic surgery and especially breast enhancement, they aren’t thinking about the peer pressure. They’re thinking about how to get the body they want. And once they get that body, they feel empowered.

That’s what we like about Cuoco’s overall opinion on her breast enhancement surgery—that feeling of empowerment. Many women are looking for a similar feeling of empowerment seek out Minneapolis breast surgeons or Cleveland breast enhancement clinics—it’s not just limited to Los Angeles and California. But LA can be something of an inspiration. And if that’s the case, then Cuoco’s conviction can certainly inspire some women to pursue the breast augmentation procedure they were perhaps too reticent to invest in previously. And that’s a good thing for everyone.

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