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What Is a Rhinoplasty Diary?

Depending on how you feel about your privacy on social media, you might wince at the thought of keeping a rhinoplasty diary or nose job recovery journal, one of the latest and greatest trends sweeping the corners of the plastic surgery Internet sphere.

What is a rhinoplasty diary and why would you keep one? Well, patients who keep rhinoplasty diaries have the opposite philosophy from those who want to keep their nose jobs secret. On the contrary, many people today spend a great deal of time and effort documenting their rhinoplasty procedure on Instagram via a photo diary. TechInsider differentiates between a regular Instagram account, featuring well-rounded lifestyle content, from those that are specifically designed to create community among plastic surgery patients: “These women call their nose job-centric accounts “rhinoplasty diaries.” They start with photos of their noses before the procedure and continue until their new faces are revealed and the swelling has gone down.”

The Naderi Center for Rhinoplasty and Cosmetic Surgery notes that the Internet age and abundance of technology has fueled the spread of information about rhinoplasty like never before, saying that “before the age of the Internet, it could be very difficult to get information about plastic surgery from people who had already been through the process. On top of that, procedures like rhinoplasty were not as common as they are today, so patients had no choice but to navigate the procedure without a support group…or an audience.” Those who post photos, images, and information are not only concerned with documentation, but with connecting, building a subgroup with others in a wide variety of geographic locations, meeting other patients who are also partaking in a common experience.

Even if every single rhinoplasty patient didn’t keep a diary, the sheer numbers of rhinoplasty surgeries each year mean that the rhinoplasty diary trend has given rise to a fairly enormous number of accounts. Over half a million people each year seek consultations for the improvement of their nose, and of those who undergo a nose job, Los Angeles rhinoplasty experts at Revision by Rivkin note that 15-20% of people who have a nose job will have a revision nose job procedure at some point, whether that’s surgical or non-surgical.

So, the question remains: Is more available information about rhinoplasties better or worse for potential patients? What are the benefits of keeping a rhinoplasty diary? And finally, can these diaries propagate misinformation about cosmetic surgery?

Why People Keep Rhinoplasty Diaries

So, why would someone actually do this, and does it just mean that you need to take selfies from beginning to end? An interesting example of a thorough rhinoplasty diary is Rachael Harman (@rachaelrhinoplasty), who began documenting her journey by sharing photos of her old nose on Instagram. “I have never been happy with my nose,” she told TechInsider. “It is something that was affecting my confidence, not just my appearance.” She posted her rhinoplasty checklist and photos of supplies pre-surgery, covering everything from cold compresses to pajamas, slippers, and a humidifier. She documented every step of the surgery, from a pre-surgery shot in her hospital gown to graphic, vivid images immediately post-op, to each stage of the healing process. In each post, she mentioned how she felt and what she thought about her nose. Harman also used her diary to ask others for advice and opinions, drawing upon the collective experience of those patients who’d already successfully experienced a rhinoplasty procedure.

Harman’s story provides insight into a few motivations for rhinoplasty diarists:

  • To create a community. The Naderi Center notes that “For some prospective patients, rhinoplasty diaries are a helpful resource for deciding whether or not to pursue the procedure, and for keeping a realistic view of the recovery process, as it can be nerve-wracking to not know what to expect, especially when the results of the procedure take a while to settle. Current patients use the community as a type of support, giving each other tips for staying comfortable and gaining a sense of camaraderie during recovery, which can be a difficult time.” Harmon’s diary is a really good example of this tenet, especially when one notes that she received information and support from all sorts of followers, including those she doesn’t know. She was also able to provide information as well as receive it, answering follower questions after she’d removed the splint for the first time. Especially if there aren’t very many people in your geographic area who are undergoing surgery, this can be an important way for patients to feel less alone. Additionally, if you’ve made the choice to keep the surgery secret from your parents, friends, and family, Instagram accounts under assumed names can provide community without revealing your secret.
  • Create a visual recovery journal: Rhinoplasty is an immensely tricky surgery that requires an artistic touch and delicate care. No matter how good your surgeon is, it’s still possible to end up with some scarring or visible unsightly marks. The best way to track the progression of these changes is to keep a journal after your surgery is complete, especially since it can take up to one year before the rhinoplasty has fully settled into your face. Close monitoring is essential, and for some patients, taking a selfie every day is indeed the easiest way to do that. Make sure that in your nose job recovery journal, whether on Instagram or not, you pay close attention to aesthetic changes and any visible scarring so that you can work with your surgeon to remedy any problems.
  • Document the transformation: If you’re ultimately happy with your rhinoplasty, it can be an incredibly satisfying procedure. For many, these surgical and non-surgical nose jobs are the key to the face they’ve always wanted! If you’re proud of your new nose, an Instagram journal is a wonderful way to keep track of your progress and remind yourself of how far you’ve come.

Whether you decide to create a rhinoplasty or not, remember that the level of privacy you’d like to maintain during your cosmetic procedure is your choice. Have you thought about creating a rhinoplasty diary? If so, leave a comment in the section below: We’d love to know your thoughts!

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