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Summary: The patriarch of TV’s most famous family is constantly making the headlines for his unfortunate botched cosmetic procedures.


Gold Medal Jenner

Bruce Jenner was a celebrity in his own right long before people started “Keeping Up” with his famous family. Jenner was an Olympic gold medalist in the track and field category, winning medals in 1976 for the Decathlon competition. Famous in the late 70’s for his achievements in the category of sports, Bruce had no idea that his life would change so dramatically a decade later when he married his current wife Kris in 1992. Kris Jenner and her Kardashian clan have recently reached fame of epic proportions for many reasons, and one of which is cosmetic surgery. While the girls look amazing with everything from natural looking breast implants to gorgeously sculpted liposuction, Bruce’s personal plastic surgery journey has been less than glamorous, and not nearly as successful.

Plastic Surgery Nightmares

Any fan of Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s knows that Bruce’s face seems to be changing frequently across the span of several seasons and not always for the better. Bruce has publicly admitted that he was a victim of a botched facelift and isn’t afraid to talk about his past, present and future cosmetic surgery choices. On an episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Jenner can be quoted as saying:

“I’m not trying to hide anything here… I had it done on camera in our show.”

Honesty as the best policy is a Kardashian/Jenner moniker that we are most fond of, so it was nice to see that Bruce was willing to open up about his many facelifts and reconstructive, secondary surgeries.

Second (or Third, or Fourth) Time’s a Charm

Bruce had “bad” cosmetic surgery earlier on in his career and has been undergoing many procedures since then in order to restore his face to some sort of normalcy that he is comfortable with. Many patients who undergo a “botched” cosmetic surgery have a hard time going through the revision rhinoplasty process like Bruce has, but his voice has become an excellent guide for those who want to look amazing with plastic surgery no matter what setbacks they have experienced. “Secondary surgeries” are cosmetic procedures that are in addition to a patient’s primary, or first, experience. Bruce has had many secondary surgeries and knows the key points to achieving attractive results after something has gone wrong:

  • Honest communication with your Milwaukee plastic surgeon is critical. Explaining and outlining exactly what it is that you are unhappy with from your 1st procedure will help with revision and reconstruction.
  • Understand that the process will take time and patience, and that not every botched surgery can be fixed with simply 1 corrective surgery.
  • Believing that eventually you will achieve the final look you desire helps to make the entire cosmetic surgery process more enjoyable and more likely to be a success.

All Eyes on Bruce

Bruce Jenner is a gold medal Olympian, a reality TV star, a motivational speaker and a great role model for anyone who has every had a cosmetic procedure and were less than thrilled with the results. Talk to a doctor today, like Bruce Jenner did, and begin on your path to revision and recovery. In the meantime, we’ll be watching to see what he does next in order to fix his face!

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