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Summary: Not all people who elect to undergo a nasal cosmetic surgery procedure do so in hopes of achieving the same results. Men and women of color often times want to edit their nose with rhinoplasty without erasing signs of their heritage.  

The Way You Are

If you are of African, Hispanic, or Asian descent, you probably have a lot of expectations for your cosmetic surgery procedures. You want to look like an amazing version of yourself, NOT wake up looking Caucasian. There are thousands of people of color who elect to have plastic surgery with the intention of embracing their cultural features- NOT erasing them. With ethnic rhinoplasty, your genetic makeup is taken into account when designing your new nose and your heritage is heavily considered when you undergo your procedure. If you want to look like a 5 star version of yourself, consider ethnic rhinoplasty.


Beautiful You

Every ethnicity comes with a different set of genetic traits that are associated with that culture. The nose is the most predominant feature on the face, and often times that can be the biggest “tell” of a person’s heritage. A lot of people have issues with their nose though, and not necessarily loving yours doesn’t mean you are turning your back on your culture. It’s important to express to your doctor that you are looking to enhance your cultural traits and not trying to erase them.

What Makes Your Nose Your Nose

Every culture has its own defining features. When it comes to ethnic rhinoplasty, it is important to first understand what makes YOUR nose stand apart from the rest. Below is a summary of nasal traits for those of different cultures:

  • African American: Short nasal bones, wide and flat bridge, bulbous tips that are often times under-projected, flaring nostrils, thick skin, and abundant fibro-fatty tissue
  • Asian: Heavy thick skin, wide and flat bridge, broad domes and tips with a lack of definition, flaring nostrils, and typically angles at less than or equal to 9o* (considered “acute.”)
  • Hispanic: Thick skin, wide bridge, convex nasal hump, minimal definition to the tip, horizontal flaring nostrils, and a retracted angle (typically less than 90*)

These are all very common traits and are nothing you should feel embarrassed about. Not everyone of the same ethnicity will have all of the traits, however, so it is still important that you and your doctor take your specific case into consideration when creating a surgical plan that is individualized for you. One-size-fits-all cosmetic surgery does not benefit those with a rich cultural background.

Goals for Your Ethnic Rhinoplasty Procedure

There are many goals that people of every culture have when undergoing a rhinoplasty procedure. Matching the nose to the rest of the face and creating a symmetrical, balanced look are just a few things that almost everyone wants to achieve with their nasal surgeries. When it comes to ethnic rhinoplasty, many have additional desires as well, such as thinning the nasal bridge, defining and refining the nasal tip, creating smaller, vertical nostrils, and/or reducing the thickness of the skin. Whatever your ultimate dreams are for your nose, know that you can wake up with a beautiful new nose without having erased your heritage.

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